Tips for choosing wall paint

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In order to buy high-quality environmental friendly wall paint, consumers must polish their eyes when purchasing. Consumers can choose according to the following tips

1. Purchase through regular channels view the environmental protection inspection report

choose regular large brand products or regular channels to purchase. Paint and coating products are not only related to the beauty and comfort of the living environment, but also related to the health of the family. We should not be careless. Generally, the front of latex paint will be marked with name, trademark, net content, composition, use method and precautions. Pay attention to the production date and shelf life. The shelf life of each brand of latex paint ranges from 1 year to 5 years. Try to buy products produced recently

2. Weigh the weight to make a beautiful sound

generally speaking, the quality of qualified latex paint is about 7kg for a barrel of 5 liters and about 25kg for a barrel of 18 liters. You can judge whether it is qualified by weighing the weight of the paint barrel. In addition, there is a simple method, that is, lift the paint bucket. The regular brand latex paint generally can't hear the sound when it shakes. If it shakes easily, it proves that the viscosity of latex paint is insufficient

3. Four methods to test by opening the can by hand

when looking at the water solution, the high-quality latex paint is relatively viscous, milky white liquid, no hard block, uniform state after mixing, and no odor; Second, look at the wire drawing, take a brush and stick some emulsion paint, and it is better to hang the wire long and fall evenly; Third, try to feel it with your fingers. Authentic latex paint should feel smooth and delicate; Four smells. Most non environmental friendly paints have pungent smells. Smell whether there is pungent smell in the paint





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