Do you need Feng Shui to decorate your house

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When decorating a house, will everyone know that you need to see feng shui? And Feng Shui is not superstitious, and the effect of Feng Shui depends on the decoration of the house. For this, does it depend on Feng Shui to decorate the house? Let's have a look

Does it depend on Feng Shui to decorate a house? If there are roads or rivers in the south of the house and other buildings in the north, then the family members who can make money in this house must be the second largest. In other words, people who are middle-aged men or zodiac animals are rats and horses. While those who are third largest or zodiac animals are cows, tigers, dragons, snakes, sheep, monkeys, dogs, pigs must be in trouble</p>
<p>if there are roads or rivers in the north of the house, there are houses in the south , then the family members who can make money in this house must be the third largest, followed by the eldest or those whose zodiac signs are cattle, tigers, dragons, snakes, sheep, monkeys, dogs and pigs, while the second largest or those whose zodiac signs are rats and horses. Everything must be going wrong</p>
<p>when decorating a house, you should pay attention to Feng Shui</p>
<p>the taboo of Feng Shui in the indoor living room of decorating a house</p>
<p>it is not suitable to have holiday plants in the house</p>
<p>it is common that some families like to place fake flowers and grass in the living room. Although it seems pleasing to the eye on the surface, it is actually easy to bring serious peach blossom or marriage problems to the male and female owners; Moreover, it is easier to bring obstacles to the marriage of unmarried members of the family; It is easy to lead to false feelings or bad luck, and even affect the financial fortunes of family members, make people misjudge investment and financial management, and cause the phenomenon of poor financial fortunes</p>
<p>images of beasts in the living room should not be hung randomly</p>
<p>auspicious beasts such as cranes, Phoenix, unicorns, turtles and so on are generally not taboos in the living room. However, if dragons, tigers, eagles, foxes, bears and other beasts are hung, special attention should be paid to that their heads must face outward to form a guard pattern, and the heads of beasts must not face inward, otherwise it will bring bad luck of disease or unexpected disasters</p>
<p>the living room should not be full of bones, furniture or sundries: if the living room is full of bones, furniture or sundries, it is easy to affect the health of the family, make people's blood blocked, health decline, everything is not going well, and even strange things and visions are rampant, losing the stability of the family's health</p>
<p>negative photos should not be hung in the living room</p>
<p>some families like to hang photos of the love between husband and wife on the living room, but they don't know that they have committed a Feng Shui taboo. Except for special circumstances, generally hanging negative photos in the living room will not only seriously affect the prosperity of family career, but even the husband and wife fight each other and make efforts to become empty</p>
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