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"It was originally said that the building would be delivered in the middle of the year, but it was delayed until now. Now I'm in a hurry to decorate it. I don't know if it's ok?" Recently, Ms. Huo, a citizen, asked a Qing, a decoration engineer

"when winter comes, many people push the decoration plan to the next spring. Many people think that the low temperature in winter will affect the quality of decoration construction. In fact, with the increasing level of home furnishings, especially in the south, the taboo of not being suitable for decoration in winter has been broken." A Qing also reminded that there are many matters worth paying attention to in the decoration of special seasons. This article is edited and collated by city hunting house and reprinted from city hunting house Fuzhou real estate network http://www.letfind.com.cn , thank you for reprinting and keeping the source

a Qing has been engaged in the decoration industry for more than five years. He told reporters that in winter, if the temperature of the construction site is lower than -5 ℃, it is impossible to spray paint. However, the room temperature in the south is generally not lower than -5 ℃, so it will not affect the spraying of paint at all, let alone the quality of interior decoration engineering

"Winter is the season when the moisture content of wood is the lowest in a year, and the dryness degree is the best. Using this kind of wood for decoration in winter, the finished products are not easy to crack and deform. In addition, the relatively high indoor temperature will also make the wood and woodworking work undergo a severe test. During the 30 to 60 day construction period, potential problems such as cracking and deformation will be exposed before painting or handover, and the construction personnel can repair or dismantle it in time. In this way, the paint After the wood decoration can be maintained for a long time without cracking and deformation. "

Aqing also reminded that appropriate construction gaps should be left when doing carpentry. "For example, when laying solid wood floors, about 2mm expansion joints should be left around, otherwise it will cause bulging and hanging; when making furniture, the door joints should not be too small to avoid expansion and tightness in summer."

winter decoration precautions

a Qing said that although decoration can be carried out in winter, "there are still some noteworthy matters in decoration in this special season of winter."

first of all, floor tiles and tiles should be soaked in water before paving in winter, so that the moisture must reach saturation. Only in this way, the phenomenon of hollowing and falling off will not occur due to the weak bonding with cement caused by slurry absorption

secondly, the putty should not be too thick. Because the indoor air is dry and the water loss is fast, the putty should not be too thick before oiling, otherwise it is easy to cause hollowing, cracking and wall inequality

third, the ambient temperature of paint application should not be lower than 5 ℃. Among them, the ambient temperature of commonly used mixed color paint construction should be above 0 ℃, and the ambient temperature of varnish application should not be lower than 8 ℃. Therefore, during the decoration construction in winter, attention should be paid to closing the doors and windows to ensure that the indoor temperature is not lower than 5 ℃. Especially when doing oil work, you should pay more attention to keeping warm and open the doors and windows for ventilation after fully drying. The indoor heating of decoration should be moderate, with no more than 20 ℃

fourth, whether wall tiles or floor tiles, they need to be moved from outdoor to indoor for 24 hours before paving after adapting to the indoor temperature, so as to avoid hollowing and falling off after construction. After the bricks are paved, the joints shall be pointed in time

finally, a Qing solemnly reminded that the new house should be ventilated in time and pay attention to fire prevention, garbage should be cleaned at any time, combustibles such as sawdust and wood chips should be cleaned at any time, and items such as paint should be placed separately in ventilated places such as balconies




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