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Bangyuan famous craftsman spent a lot of money to introduce Haomai's latest drilling machine production line, which was officially put into operation in Foshan factory on December 23, which is another major milestone after the brand image of bangyuan famous craftsman was comprehensively upgraded at the beginning of the year

at the end of the year, it is an important period to summarize the future development of the planning layout. Bangyuan famous craftsman spent a lot of money to introduce Haomai's latest drilling machine production line, which was officially put into production in Foshan factory on December 23. This is another major milestone after the comprehensive upgrading of the brand image at the beginning of the year, marking that the production of bangyuan famous craftsman has entered the era of digitalization, systematization and standardization, and fully realized the standardization and standardization of customization. This is also a solid guarantee for the famous craftsman of bangyuan to seize the opportunity of the times, overtake on curves and realize the manufacturing 2025 plan

production equipment

with the official production of German Haomai production line, bangyuan famous craftsman will gradually achieve international integration in production capacity, and strong R & D capacity will achieve more perfect product expression through production, further highlighting the production advantages and product advantages of bangyuan famous craftsman

comprehensively practice manufacturing 2025

in the face of large-scale market demand, on the one hand, bangyuan famous craftsman has deeply integrated the production management system, strengthened the linkage between production and marketing, and improved the overall production rhythm and coordination. Through supply chain expansion, process optimization, and logistics improvement, the product quality has also been continuously improved while ensuring production capacity. On the other hand, bangyuan famous craftsman gives full play to its advantages in integrating resources. Products from plates to accessories, even every screw, are high-quality products, and every link of furniture production requires excellence

production equipment

the core of bangyuan famous craftsman's production mode is to realize the linkage between production and marketing through pull production, and produce high-quality products with high production efficiency, so as to meet the changing market demand. With the goal of achieving perfect quality and the shortest delivery time, the production mode of bangyuan famous craftsman has created an optimal value stream system with the characteristics of bangyuan famous craftsman, forming the core competitive advantage of bangyuan famous craftsman manufacturing. In the future, bangyuan famous craftsman will take this production mode as the core to establish an information physical fusion system, vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing technology, build intelligent factories, realize intelligent production and intelligent logistics, and comprehensively practice "made in China 2025"

the leading "green smart manufacturing"

with the world's leading flexible production technology and independently developed production mode, it has solved the natural contradiction between personalized customization and mass production, creating a precedent for large-scale home customization. It is precisely because of the practical application of smart manufacturing that a number of quality inspection procedures are designed in the whole production process, which not only saves costs, but also ensures product quality, and ensures the home design and services that provide personalized one-stop services to every consumer, becoming a model of China's industry 4.0

the production workshop of bangyuan famous craftsman has been transformed to be environment-friendly and free of pollution and odor. At the same time, through its own research and development and unique process treatment, it is the first to introduce zero formaldehyde Olsen board, which is deeply loved by the majority of consumers. This measure is not only in line with the national environmental protection direction, but also in line with the needs of consumption upgrading, and the economic and social benefits have been significantly improved

a thirteen year influential brand in the industry will once again establish its excellent brand position in the next year with its leading production equipment and technological advantages! Accompanied by thirteen years of acquaintance with the market and consumers, the brand strength and management wisdom precipitated in it made the famous craftsman of bangyuan turn around again, blooming a different charm in this "cold winter", and writing a colorful stroke in the custom home furnishing industry




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