Chongqing Tianhong Mumen Wulong fairy mountain hap

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It's April day in early spring. Do you also want to go out and see the world? Tianhong Mumen organized a small spring outing a few days ago to lead employees out of the door to experience the charm of spring

from April 18 to 19, Tianhong Mumen organized a small spring outing, with a total of 20 employees participating in the spring outing. The destination was Wulong fairy mountain, a summer resort in Chongqing

it is the middle of April. In the early spring, although the spring scenery in Chongqing is good, it is often accompanied by rainy weather, and the sultry and humid weather is also accompanied by us in Chongqing. This early spring tour not only relaxed the employees' mood and eased the usual work pressure, but also brightened the employees' mood in the muggy and humid weather, and enhanced the cohesion of employees in entertainment. Laughter accompanied this early spring tour

happy times always pass quickly. In a happy mood, the employees spent two days of vacation. Through rich and colorful activities such as horse riding, camping and barbecue, the close cooperation and communication between employees were deepened. While the interpersonal relationship was broadened, the employees' physical and mental relaxation also exercised the team's ability to cooperate





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