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20 from all over the country "e; 2014 National Top Ten Star stores "e; The plan of "traveling around the world, the second stop, Dubai" has come to a perfect end. Although this trip has ended happily, all partners have invited " Meet again next year, and travel together next year

introduction: on the other side of the sea, on the other side of the desert, a city was born in the sky, with futuristic buildings that plunge into the sky, luxury hotels that are intoxicated with money, and the desert hinterland that is covered with yellow sand... Dubai, a place that looks both real and unreal, has left unforgettable footprints here by a group of passionate isalains...

at the beginning of May, with the end of the May Day holiday, 27 excellent franchisee partners from 20 top ten star stores all over the country also successfully and happily completed this five-day unforgettable "e; Dubai luxury tour "e;! This is a rare leisure and relaxation trip for isalains; It is also a learning and exchange trip for excellent isalains with pleasant body and mind; It is a comfortable and luxurious exotic experience

(take a group photo on the beach outside the sailboat hotel of the top ten Star Inn of isalai)


on April 27, 20 companies from all over the country " 2014 National Top Ten Star stores "e; From Hong Kong International Airport, 27 excellent franchisee partners took the world's top Emirates' largest and most luxurious A380 aircraft to the world-renowned " Desert Pearl " -- Dubai! This airliner is divided into two levels, with a total of 550 passengers and crew. It is the largest airliner in the world at present. As the world's top airline, Emirates is famous in the world aviation industry for its advanced/complete/luxurious airliner equipment and excellent service. There are many kinds of meals on the plane, and cup noodles can be provided after dinner time. Moreover, the seats are spacious and comfortable. Each seat can watch movies, listen to songs or play games. Each seat is provided with a charging socket, which is very comfortable and convenient. All our isalai partners really enjoy an international service experience! The whole 8-hour journey also gave us the first super long air flight experience

(photos of Dubai airport, one of the top ten star stores in 2014)


in just a few days, isalai people left a deep and unforgettable impression in Dubai. Wherever we went, we felt the luxury and affluence of Dubai and experienced Dubai's advanced technology and buildings:

we learned about the most primitive local folk customs in Dubai, I admire that their customs can be maintained so well and inherited while developing rapidly

we have seen palm island, the largest artificial island in the world, with a cost of $14billion, known as " The eighth wonder of the world "e

(2014 National Top Ten Star stores of isalay palm island, the world's largest artificial island)

I have a close contact with the world's first magnificent and luxurious seven-star hotel - sailing hotel

(the world's seven-star hotel - sailing Hotel)

(isalai partners cheered on the beach outside the sailing Hotel)

we personally experienced the wildest and enthusiastic Guangyuan desert in Dubai. It was really cool to ride in the desert in an SUV

(isalai partners are running and jumping excitedly on the Guangyuan desert in Dubai)

we experienced the largest and most luxurious mosque in the world, made of white marble, diamond and gold, with a value of $5.5 billion. While admiring its wealth and luxury, we were even more amazed at how the faith of this nation can be so firm and popular

(isalai people visit the world's most luxurious mosque)

(group photo outside the mosque of isalai's top ten curtain franchise stores)

we wander around Dubai Mall, the world's largest and most prosperous shopping mall. The world's top famous brands are all in it, and all kinds of top brand luxury cars can be seen everywhere, which is dazzling and eye opening

(Dubai Mall, the world's top famous brand)

we enjoyed the world's largest and best sounding Dubai music fountain, with more than 1000 changes in the water column. With different songs, the sprayed water column seems to dance gracefully, which is very spectacular. What you enjoy is definitely a changeable, beautiful and incomparable luxury audio-visual feast

(the world's first fountain - Dubai music fountain)

we took the world's fastest sightseeing elevator to the world's tallest building - the Khalifa tower. The building is 828 meters high, with a total of 160 floors. It takes only two minutes to reach 425 meters on the 124th floor by taking the sightseeing elevator, overlooking the vast land, bustling Dubai, suddenly " When you are at the top of the mountain, you can see all the small mountains " Feeling

(isalai people stand on the tallest building in the world - the Burj Khalifa overlooking Dubai)


sister Cong from the isalai store in Wendeng, Shandong, praised Dubai after this trip: "little Dubai, in just 43 years, has developed from a small fishing village into a modern and beautiful city that attracts the attention of the world... Human beings, they can do whatever they think!"

Lu xueyin, the accompanying marketing manager of the company, also felt deeply: "Dubai is a city built in the barren desert of Guangyuan. All the prosperity we see now was just a vast desert 30 or 40 years ago. It's really amazing that it can develop into today's scale! It's worth admiring and learning! The city has few historical and cultural relics, but it gives people a shocking impression and feeling! You can't just 'see' when you travel here, but you have to 'experience' and 'feel' with your heart." ! Dubai can rise in the desert without living resources. Why can't we do business well? Why doesn't isalai take the lead in the local area!!! "

(do as the Romans do)

although this trip has ended happily, all partners have invited " Meet again next year, and travel together next year;, And said that in 2015, we will continue to work hard to keep up with the development pace of isalai's headquarters and continue to strive to be the top ten! Continue to fight for honor

this "Dubai Luxury Tour" is the affirmation of the headquarters of isalay company for the efforts and efforts made by the 20 national prefecture level and county-level exclusive stores with excellent comprehensive performance in 2014, as well as the encouragement and reward of the remarkable achievements made by each store! Rewarding the National Top Ten Star stores for overseas travel has become a stable reward mechanism for the headquarters of isalay! Come on, isalai partners all over the country! We meet to travel around the world

in 2014, we enjoyed the exotic scenery of Bali with wide sandy beaches and clear and blue water

in 2015, we experienced the natural integration of Dubai's extreme luxury, rich folk culture and advanced cutting-edge technology

2016, the next stop... Whether we will continue all the way west... Please look forward! (text/Jincheng)

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