The post-80s play and decorate 450000 to build a w

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First, let's introduce the owner of the piggy park. The hostess is the treasure of the piggy Park, and the male owner is the treasure of the piggy park. Why is it called the piggy park? I think everyone must have understood, right, the two piglets in '83

for our post-80s young people, affordability is indeed the hard truth of decoration. We had no savings when we just graduated. Decoration is "a skillful woman cannot make bricks without straw"! Since there is not much money, then we can only "do it yourself and have plenty of food and clothing"! Take a look at our decoration list

detailed list of decoration costs

this is the invisible door of the living room, which was designed under the suggestion of students. It led to the second bedroom. It was originally a masterpiece, but when the workers were working, they made the original secret lock into a handle. This invisible door is no longer "invisible"

living room

small corridor here, we have made an arc line, and the feminine beauty is reflected. There is no ceiling in our restaurant, only a circle of plaster line is made around it. Considering that the room is too high and too low, we haven't done too much decoration

our master bedroom! The color of the master bedroom is light pink, so I chose light pink small floral curtains. After the curtains were pressed, I found that they are completely the same as bedding! Haha, I didn't mean to insert willows into the shade

green plants on the balcony

take a look at the kitchen! I bought a whole cabinet

bathroom, this bathroom cabinet is solid wood

let's take a look at this side of the bathroom. There is a circle of watermark painting I pasted on the wall, and this dark water valve costs 300 yuan






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