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Pepsi Cola has changed its "red makeup"

the current situation of China's cola market competition is somewhat confusing

in most countries, two competitive brands in the cola market can be distinguished by color: Coca Cola Co The coke can is red, while pepsicoinc Is blue. In China, however, Pepsi Cola launched a red coke can in an unconventional way in its new promotion

Pepsi executives said that in order to support the Chinese national sports team, they matched pepsi cola cans with the color of the Chinese national flag

however, in addition to a blue stripe, the new coke can in red also surprised many people, because it is quite similar to the appearance of Coca Cola Olympic commemorative cans

24-year-old caolingling, who usually drinks Pepsi Cola, was shocked when she picked up a new Pepsi can for the first time in the supermarket on Monday. As she took the new coke can in her hand and looked at it carefully, she said, it's too awkward. I usually just look for the blue can. It's very easy to recognize that the red can makes people feel something wrong

similar to the design of coca cola bottles and cans, Pepsi also printed the image of sports stars on the packaging. Of course, this is different from the stars on coca cola bottles and cans, because Coca Cola has signed exclusive agency contracts with some sports stars. In addition, this company has also obtained the qualification of official sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. PepsiCo is a sponsor of the Chinese national team, which represents China in various international sports events, including the Asian Games. PepsiCo's ads for the new coke can have appeared on YouTube

leotsoi, marketing director of PepsiCo in China, said that PepsiCo's switch to red packaging had nothing to do with Coca Cola. He said that the company's previous survey on Pepsi Cola consumers received positive feedback. The respondents supported Pepsi's bold measures and appreciated Pepsi's support for the Chinese national team. Therefore, the company made this decision. Caidelin said that Pepsi's red packaging was launched for the Chinese national team, and the company would not follow the plan of its competitors

when the executives of Coca Cola company saw the photos of Pepsi red coke cans, they basically thought it was very interesting. Kelly, a spokesman for Coca Cola in Atlanta? Kelly Brooks said, red? That's a good idea. Why didn't we think of it? However, he did not comment on whether Coca Cola would ask Pepsi to withdraw the red coke cans or take other countermeasures

Coca Cola and PepsiCo are both waving flags and shouting, hoping to attract more carbonated beverage consumers to their own brands. With the increase of consumer income, China has become a key battlefield for these companies to achieve performance growth

according to beveragedigest, an American beverage industry publication, Coca Cola occupies an absolute leading position in China's carbonated soft drink market. Its Coca Cola and Sprite brands account for 51% of the market, much higher than Pepsi's 30%. But Pepsi's market share is slowly rising. According to euromonitorinternational, a Market Research Institute, Coca Cola sold 4.33 billion liters of carbonated beverages in China last year, an increase of 70% over 2000. In the same year, PepsiCo's sales volume was 2.93 billion liters, an increase of 93% over 2000

Pepsi introduced the new coke can to the Chinese media in a low-key manner last week. Shi Dakun, CEO of PepsiCo China, said that it must be admitted that it was not easy for the company to make the decision to change the color of product packaging. I have had a lot of discussion and Consideration on this for the continuous improvement of R & D capability. But the company firmly believes that this decision is correct and worth trying. PepsiCo said that the high dimensional precision cans of red Cola molded parts are only used for short-term promotion, and this activity will continue until the end of this year

however, davidketchum, CEO of upstreamasia, a marketing and public relations company, believes that PepsiCo's move may bring risks to itself and the Coca Cola company, given that in the Chinese market, enterprises are still making every effort to build brand image and brand loyalty for fickle consumers. Consumers are constantly changing. A promotion can attract consumers in a short time, but then they will go to another brand

but jizewei also believes that PepsiCo takes national pride as a breakthrough when the Beijing Olympic Games is approaching, and linking product packaging to the national flag is a bold guerrilla marketing. This has not only hitchhiked the Olympic Games, but also not crossed the thunder pool of Olympic sponsors. Tom, President of bevmarkllc, a beverage industry consulting firm? Tompirko said that even if PepsiCo temporarily adopts red packaging, it can muddy the water of Coca Cola. Although Coca Cola is so iconic in the United States, it is not so in China

however, from the perspective of drinkers, cola consumers interviewed in a supermarket in Beijing said that even if they chose the wrong cola for appearance reasons, they could immediately distinguish Coca Cola from Pepsi Cola according to different tastes

Cao Lingling mentioned above said that Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola have very different tastes, which can be tasted in one bite

PepsiCo has used the packaging design with white background and red and blue pattern for many years in the past, but since 1996, it has used the packaging with blue tone in the global market. At the beginning of this year, the company launched a new packaging design worldwide, but the pattern changes are still routine, and the background color is still all blue. The new packaging was launched in the United States in January this year and in China in March

a PepsiCo spokesman said that the company had used the national logo colors on the packaging of promotional products in the past, for example, yellow and green were used in Brazil last year

at present, the two kinds of Cola on the shelves of Chinese stores do not look exactly similar. Pepsi spokesman said that pepsi cola cans are darker in red than Coca Cola, and its famous red, blue and white logo is very conspicuous, which can clearly identify the brand. The brand name of Coca Cola almost surrounds the whole coke can, and each coke can is only printed with a large portrait of an Olympic star

Majin, a 21-year-old college student in Beijing, said that Pepsi's new packaging looked strange, but she would not mistake Pepsi for her favorite Coca Cola. She said that Jinan Shijin sincerely hopes to have a long-term cooperative relationship with the majority of users and feel that this is a New Cola brand. But the new packaging does make me wonder if Pepsi has changed its taste, so I might try it some day

the photos of the winners in the online photo collection are also displayed on the new coke can. The theme of this activity is to cheer the Chinese team. The contestants will send their photos to the public for selection. The winner's photos will win a seat on the coke can. The computer system of the electronic experimental machine will pass through the controller. Caidelin said that the event attracted 2.46 million photos and 140million votes, exceeding all similar events organized by PepsiCo in other countries

some Pepsi supporters like the new packaging, even if it is red. Mengfanling, a 29 year old clothing store clerk, said that when she saw the new coke can, she thought it was a good idea. This shows Pepsi's support for the Chinese team

bevmark's pierco said that it is the same as choosing the right clothes when attending a party. The clothes suitable for China are red

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