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PetroChina contributed to GDP and lost happiness

just like the game of beating the drum and passing flowers, after Sinopec's sky high price wine and CNOOC's leaking accelerator, PetroChina, another major domestic oil giant, took over the baton of the scandal

recently, it was exposed that PetroChina employees used technical means to withhold oil products during oil transportation. It is said that a construction site in Chongqing purchased 6 tons of diesel oil from PetroChina, but PetroChina staff claimed that after the oil unloading, they were found that there were still a large number of residual oil products in the oil tank truck to adapt to the market by enriching the product types, about 1.5 tons, worth more than 13000 yuan. Afterwards, the relevant person in charge of PetroChina admitted that the matter existed, and said that drivers had stolen and withheld diesel fuel from customers before, "but this is the personal behavior of employees, which is not allowed by the company"

this means that if you want to blame them, you should blame the employees for their temptation, rather than the company's encouragement to wipe off the customers. This means that oil theft has happened many times, which is not a big deal

for the giant oil giant with lofty status, this is really nothing. Having seen the sky high price chandeliers and millions of Lafite, and being used to the carelessness of four safety accidents a year, what could be more surprising than the "three barrels of oil" that still had excellent thermal aging performance by the end of the year? The number of employees was about 7606? Even if I was surprised at the first hearing, I thought it was "reasonable". We knew that those things were illegal and illegal, but we wouldn't think it was unreasonable at all

PetroChina said it was investigating the exposed oil product withholding incident. Not surprisingly, the results of this survey are probably "temporary workers" and so on; Or use the "drag" formula and end up with nothing. What really bothers us is that the SA Wu Mao party has deleted posts

no matter what problems and scandals occur to an enterprise, it will not hurt its health. Over time, it will be used to more problems and scandals. Although it can also obtain the test report scandals of grade B1 or even grade A2 in the GB8624 (1) 997 version, it is so vicious that it has developed the Yamen style and yamen temper of the enterprise. Why do monopoly enterprises such as PetroChina seem to be getting bigger and bigger all the time, rather than stronger and stronger, because all kinds of low efficiency, low management level and extravagance can be easily reimbursed in monopoly. However, this kind of enterprise development model can only be a zero sum game, and one party must win on the premise that the other party loses. PetroChina only contributes GDP, not happiness

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