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People say that AI is inclusive. The queen of artificial intelligence has said that since the concept of artificial intelligence was born more than 60 years ago, the discussion about artificial intelligence has not stopped

In August, 1956, several scientists started the first discussion on artificial intelligence in human history at Dartmouth College in the quiet town of hannos. The discussion lasted for two months, but still failed to reach a general consensus. In the following decades, with the development of artificial intelligence, the discussion on artificial intelligence continued

some people are optimistic about artificial intelligence, such as McKinsey Global Research Institute. McKinsey Global Research Institute believes that artificial intelligence is promoting the transformation of human society. This transformation "will be 10 times faster than the industrial revolution, 300 times larger in scale and almost 3000 times larger in impact"

on the other hand, anxiety and anxiety about it also exist. The famous physicist Stephen? Hawking has publicly warned mankind for many times that the all-round development of artificial intelligence may "lead to the destruction of mankind". In his opinion, if AI is properly deployed, it will tap infinite potential and solve most of the problems in the world, including human diseases and social problems. However, if the deployment is improper and out of control, human beings will not be able to compete with it due to the limitations of evolution

a man is a man of great wisdom. However, in fact, as cangyang Gyatso said in "see or not", if you love me or not, love is there. In recent years, it is obvious that the development of artificial intelligence has become the hottest focus

recently, Huawei visited 15 typical cities, more than 40 top universities, and more than 100 high-tech parks in China. After investigating more than 10 AI industry experts, more than 100 enterprise CEOs, more than 1000 developers, and more than thousands of college students, it found that:

students majoring in translation, machine tool manufacturing, etc. are worried about whether they will be replaced by artificial intelligence machines in the future; Some entrepreneurs are puzzled by the impact and opportunities brought about by artificial intelligence. They are puzzled by the layout and construction of two hundred billion level new material industry clusters, namely, new chemical materials, high-performance fibers and composite materials. On the other hand, more people, especially young people, are full of expectations for artificial intelligence. It is the aspiration of most people to cooperate with each other, learn from each other's strengths, and benefit mankind

the survey shows that although people's understanding of artificial intelligence still needs to be further deepened, this is not a bad thing. At least it reminds us that we should always be vigilant about the practice of promoting AI to the altar. At the same time, we should also avoid demonizing AI, but let AI really be used by human beings

it is too high, too exaggerated, difficult to implement, and expensive. These should not be what AI should be. Therefore, Huawei cloud has put forward the concept of "inclusive AI". It believes that AI is not a distant product, let alone a closed system. AI will become a basic productivity. It can be applied to most economic activities, and will make many industries have a multiplier effect on efficiency. Pratt Whitney AI is committed to making everyone, all walks of life, use it well and affordable, and more importantly, use it with confidence

the concept of "inclusive" has been raised a lot in recent years, mainly from financial services. This concept has been applied by Huawei cloud to AI services. It can be seen that Huawei is confident in the application of AI technology and is very optimistic about the future growth of the market

with regard to the topics of "Pratt Whitney AI" and AI development, E-TECH also interviewed Justin Kassel, deputy dean of the school of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, in the exclusive interview room of "let the future be full of AI" at the 2018 e-future technology summit; Haojingfang, a well-known sci-fi writer, Hugo prize winner, the founder of Tongxing college, and Wu Sheng, the founder of scene lab, also represented AI experts, entrepreneurs in the education industry and well-known enterprise consultants to see how they viewed "inclusive AI" and the development of AI

making AI inclusive is a trend and an important goal

in Justin Kassel's view, inclusive AI is a good concept. She believes that if not everyone can enjoy convenience, AI will not become a good opportunity for society. It is a very important goal for the poor, the rich, the urban or the villagers to popularize AI and make it widely used in the whole society instead of a small area

at the same time, Justin also believes that AI is developing rapidly in some advantageous areas, but it also faces problems. For example, how to make AI easy to understand, how to make AI handle small data and big data, how to provide AI with algorithms, machine learning algorithms to understand human behavior, and so on

haojingfang believes that "Pratt & Whitney AI" must be a trend. She believes that Pratt & Whitney AI, like our intelligence, will be indispensable in our lives in the future. Haojingfang told Yi science and technology that when smart was just launched, it was quickly changed from being bought by some people to being owned by all. The cost of technology fell and promoted very quickly. If the product itself is mature and can be applied to many places, the later promotion will be very fast

at the same time, Wu Sheng told Yi technology that AI will increasingly become the same infrastructure as water and electricity. If Huawei can deeply understand the insight and mining of today's enterprise AI application scenarios and provide corresponding AI services, this may be a very good transitional solution. We also look forward to Huawei and other technology companies, It can take advantage of China's unique demographic dividend and the richness of application scenarios to make greater contributions to the trend of AI for all mankind

ai will enable all fields to be more fair to enterprises.

facing the future development of AI, Justin said that his research goal and AI he wanted to create were to create fairness. Fairness here refers to the equal opportunities that women and men will get. Equal opportunities for the poor and the rich. For equal opportunities for people of different cultures living in the same city, if every child and enterprise can obtain the same education and service level, we can be considered as having completed an inclusive AI

haojingfang, a new entrepreneur, should have a better understanding of the development of AI. From a well-known science fiction writer to the establishment of the children's college, which is an extracurricular college that provides systematic general education for year-old children. Haojingfang believes that he believes that artificial intelligence can enable education to a large extent. Artificial intelligence can become a helper in various fields. In the future, artificial intelligence can enable two aspects. One is that there are many good curriculum education and R & D contents, which can be popularized to more children with the help of artificial intelligence assistants; The other one can liberate teachers from many repetitive tasks, so that teachers can devote more time to designing and creating good courses

in addition, haojingfang also stressed that the most important thing of artificial intelligence is to provide customized services to children. According to their current cognitive level, they recommend the courses they should take now, and push the exercises that are suitable for them. Each child has its own customized training program

compared with haojingfang's view that AI can empower education to a large extent, Wu Sheng sees a wider range of AI enabled fields, and he believes that the need for AI in the field is just beginning. Wu Sheng told Yi technology that AI, as a solution to a deep learning scenario, increasingly depends on whether there is enough data support, and the support of such data increasingly depends on the support of algorithms and computing power, So he thinks that in many fields, AI is just beginning to play its role. Because of this, we should have enough patience with AI

at the same time, Wu Sheng said that AI must be in the most real, specific, unique and painful place. Because of its rigid needs and high-frequency attributes, it will find this scene as soon as possible and form an application ability. A large number of start-ups have focused on seeing opportunities in this field. On the surface, it seems to be a very small opening and entry point. In fact, it is a very deep and open track

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for Pratt Whitney a, which has obtained the wheel disk trial forging I through casting, Huawei cloud pays more attention to the living conditions of developers, and conveys the idea that Pratt Whitney AI allows developers to release more working hours and return to a colorful life. In Huawei's view, AI is the basic productivity in the future, which is applicable to most economic activities, and will have a multiplier effect on the efficiency of many industries. On the cloud level, Huawei has launched 30 enterprise intelligence services for government and enterprise customers, including EI basic platform services, general services and industry scenario solutions. With the further development of Pratt Whitney AI, Huawei cloud will pay more attention to a large number of developer groups and small and medium-sized enterprise teams, so that AI can truly become a universal technology

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