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Perkin Elmer won the most popular employer award in the scientific instrument industry (with hot jobs)

Perkin Elmer won the top ten most popular foreign employers in the scientific instrument industry in 2018 in the selection of the most popular employers that protect the piston from sudden runaway impact sponsored by the China instrument information talent channel. The award ceremony was held at the 13th China Annual Conference on scientific instruments held in Qingdao a few days ago

according to the instrument information, the selection of the best employer took 80 days, went through three rounds of strict screening, combined with the votes of more than 5000 people in the industry and the analysis of big data of enterprise recruitment, and strive to examine the strength of each candidate enterprise in an all-round and multi angle. Perkin Elmer passed the test all the way and finally stood out from 568 employers. Together with nine other peers, Perkin Elmer won the 2018 most popular foreign enterprise employer award in the scientific instrument industry

what kind of experience is it to work in Perkin Elmer

corporate culture: key words: innovation, sharing, collaboration

as a well deserved leader in the scientific instrument industry, Perkin Elmer is committed to creating an open and inspiring working environment where employees have full opportunities to learn and grow. He and Max Planck scientists hope that in the future, material researchers can obtain new insights from existing data to challenge themselves and give full play to their potential

we help you change, the world is different for you

career development: key words: tailor

rich career training and development opportunities to help employees create long-term career development plans

in Perkin Elmer, we are committed to creating a culture in which employees can give full play to their talents and continue to develop their career. Whether it is leadership programs, general skills training, professional technical training, or numerous courses and external training resources, we have flexible ways to help employees develop better and faster

for high potential employees, the company implements a one-year tutor program. Tutors provide one-to-one professional guidance to students to help students grow in practice

key words of employee Club: constant surprises

around the world, Perkin Elmer brings various forms of amateur activities to employees. Whether it is a hot sports meeting, a passionate Christmas party, an annual meeting, or an influence day and volunteer activities dedicated to love, there is always a surprise that will move you in Perkin Elmer

at this point, it's time to focus on:

five reasons to join Perkin Elmer

excellent colleagues

vibrant innovation culture

attractive salary reward and welfare mechanism

unlimited possibilities for career development

cooperation and diversified work environment

it's a good time to take a look at Perkin Elmer's hot positions

the position will develop in the future. Outstanding points basic requirements: Sales Engineer Taiyuan, Xining and Mr. houzheyu of the company visit Lanzhou and Zhejiang in Jilin Province and Changchun City More than three years of instrument sales experience

2 Bachelor degree or above

3 Chemical, material, environmental protection, food and other professional grain and oil high-level channel sales Beijing 1 More than five years of sales experience in food safety testing industry

2 Bachelor degree or above in life science

3 50% travel frequency is acceptable. Maintenance engineers in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou 1 At least 3 years of experience in installation and maintenance of instrument products

2. Bachelor degree or above

3 Professional chromatographic product specialist of electronics, chemical industry or other related science and engineering Guangzhou 1 Bachelor degree or above

2 Analytical chemistry or related professional background

3 At least 3 years experience in analytical instrument industry

for more recruitment information, please go to the instrument information Perkin Elmer home page:

in addition, Perkin Elmer's high-quality internship projects (including overseas technical team joint development projects) have also attracted junior and fresh graduates from top 10 universities across the country, providing a large number of excellent reserve forces for the company; In Perkin, these students are receiving professional career guidance from the Department's senior technical tutors and recruiting brothers and sisters as their experience and preparation for officially starting their career life

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