Most popular PerkinElmer acquires caliper

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PerkinElmer's acquisition of caliper was approved by antitrust authorities on October 21, 2011 us time, PerkinElmer said that the company's plan to revise and improve quality system documents CES such as quality manual and program description document before and after the acquisition of caliper life science has been reviewed by antitrust authorities in the United States and Germany

in September, the company signed an agreement to acquire caliper life sciences with us $600million. The transaction still needs to be approved by the shareholders of caliper life sciences. The company had previously said that it expected the transaction to take place in the fourth quarter of this year

this transaction will expand PerkinElmer's market opportunities in the field of life sciences. Caliper has powerful technologies in combination imaging, microfluidics, automation and sample preparation platforms. At the same time, the combination of PerkinElmer's extensive imaging reagent products and caliper's imaging instruments will further increase the company's opportunities in the field of molecular diagnosis

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