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Identification system of embedded computing hardware design and fuzzy comparison software technology

arbor-guardian0816 is the world's first identification system with embedded computing hardware design and fuzzy comparison at the same time, which also depends on its cost breakthrough (fuzzymatching) software technology, through voiceprint Fingerprint, face and other biological features, access control, so that users no longer need to worry about losing access cards or forgetting passwords. Fuzzy comparison learning identification software effectively improves the accuracy of identification. 8-inch color touch screen, graphical control interface, almost all passengers escape safely, and the interactive touch screen blocks the access of water, simplifying the user's operation process. The built-in infrared dynamic camera, led auxiliary light, microphone and speaker can be used as a video and audio call host, customized video and audio welcome messages or important reminders of the day. Built in motion detector can trigger the system for monitoring. Through e-guardian0816, it is also convenient to control the real-time personnel position and access records. It is centrally controlled by the central network, and the personnel dynamics in the deployment area can be obtained at any time. The system has a built-in 40Gb hard disk, which can be scheduled or triggered for video recording under the guard state, and the video files can be stored in the host or backup back to the server at the same time, so as to increase the security of recorded data. In addition, the waterproof and dust-proof mechanism design allows the host to be installed outdoors and other harsh environments

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