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Printing plant hazard identification methods and safety measures countermeasures

printing plant is a place with dense hazard sources, and safety problems cannot be ignored, otherwise safety accidents will occur, causing casualties and huge economic losses

hazard identification

1. fire hazard

a large number of raw and auxiliary materials such as paper, ink, cleaning agents used by printing enterprises are inflammables, which are the main hazard sources of printing plants

2. Equipment operation danger

mechanical equipment such as printing, paper cutting and bookbinding operate fast and transmit high energy. Some equipment have open working faces, and illegal operation is very easy to cause injury to limbs

3. Electrical hazard

(1) static electricity

high speed printing machines will generate high-voltage static electricity during high-speed operation, which may lead to air discharge, electric shock or fire in serious cases.

(2) wire and cable leakage

aging or damage of the insulation layer will lose the insulation effect, and will make equipment or other contact conductors live, Electric shock injury during human contact

4. Hazardous chemicals

flammable and toxic chemicals such as volatile dry inks, cleaning agents, gasoline may be used in printing or post press processing, which may endanger the health of operators and may cause fire

5. Noise hazard

the operating noise of mechanical equipment in the production workshop is large, generally 70 ~ 100dB (a), mainly mechanical noise and electromagnetic noise. Working in the noise for a long time is detrimental to the physical and mental health of operators

6. Other environmental hazards

the unsafe working environment in which the working channel is occupied, and the safety signs are not clear or missing is also a factor that can not be ignored in the safety accidents of printing production

safety measures

1. fire prevention

(1) the plant building meets the fire prevention standard

the sliding friction when there is relative sliding between the objects in the plant of the printing enterprise. The dynamic friction building should meet the fire prevention standard, and the fire safety characteristics of the plant building should be analyzed with scientific performance evaluation methods, so that the plant must meet the minimum requirements of fire safety while meeting the production needs

(2) the conductor and cable meet the fire protection requirements

standard fire-resistant cables and flame-retardant cables should be used. It is forbidden to use electricity overloaded, and it is forbidden to connect electricity privately and unsafe

(3) establish a fire alarm and monitoring system

establish a fire alarm and monitoring system. When the monitoring parameters exceed the standard, it will automatically alarm and start the corresponding facilities to reduce the fire risk level

2. Prevent equipment operation hazards

(1) strictly follow the operating procedures

select printers and other equipment that meet the safety standards to ensure that the protective devices of the equipment are in good working condition, and the equipment that runs abnormally should be stopped for maintenance

(2) strict labor discipline

employees should improve safety awareness, consciously abide by production safety regulations, establish and improve labor safety inspection system, and conduct safety inspection regularly

3. Anti electric shock measures

(1) anti-static

(2) prevent electric leakage of wires and cables

the equipment should have correct grounding protection, wires and cables should avoid the only way for personnel, aging and damaged cables should be replaced in time, and live maintenance should comply with the operating specifications

4. Safe use of chemicals

establish and standardize the purchase, storage, transportation and use system of hazardous chemicals, and formulate a reasonable emergency plan in combination with the production process

5. Prevention and control of noise

install sound insulation and noise reduction facilities for main noise equipment: the workshop walls adopt sound-absorbing materials to reduce reverberation generated by reflection; Take corresponding personal protective measures

6. Eliminate potential environmental hazards

the enterprise environment should reflect the people-oriented idea and realize the harmony and unity between people and the environment

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