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The Ministry of Agriculture issued the standard of identification of reconstituted milk in pasteurized milk and UHT sterilized milk, which provides a scientific basis for the detection of reconstituted milk components in pasteurized milk and UHT sterilized milk in terms of measurement accuracy

the notice on strengthening the management of high production and operation costs of liquid milk issued by the general office of the State Council requires that liquid milk standards be improved and production be organized in strict accordance with the standards. Where reconstituted milk is used in the production and processing of sterilized milk, yogurt and other products, no matter how much it is, since October 15, 2005, production enterprises must clearly mark "reconstituted milk" on their product packaging. However, at present, there is no detection method standard for reconstituted milk in China's national standards and industrial standards. In order to implement the spirit of the notice issued by the State Council office, the Ministry of agriculture, on the basis of previous research work, organized an expert group to formulate the standard of "identification of reconstituted milk in pasteurized milk and UHT sterilized milk"

this standard proposes a technical route to determine whether pasteurized milk and UHT sterilized milk contain reconstituted milk components according to the content of furosine and lactulose in liquid milk. Verified by many dairy testing institutions, this method is accurate, stable and repeatable, and meets the requirements of testing technical standards. The promulgation of this standard fills the gap in the detection of reconstituted milk in China, breaks through the supervision of the technical bottles that illegally add reconstituted milk and incorrectly label reconstituted milk to ensure that the tip is free of damage and pollution, and will play a positive role in safeguarding consumers' right to know and promoting the healthy development of the dairy industry

source: China India media

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