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Identification of water content during printing

many manufacturers should first look at the moisture content of the page when purchasing tensile testing machines. This should depend on the experience of the operator. Generally speaking, the moisture is large, the reflected light of the layout is strong, and the side view keeps the industry leading level bright; On the contrary, the reflected light of the layout is weak and the side view is dark; If the moisture is too large, it can also be observed from the following points:

(1) shovel ink on the ink roller with cardboard, and there will be small drops of water on the cardboard

(2) there are small water drops on the water roller, and there are deinking phenomena or water drops in the ink roller group

(3) after turning off the water or stopping the machine for a long time, the water in the layout has not dried up

(4) the imprinting point is empty, and the ink color is dim and lusterless

(5) there are water shadows or drops at the end of the rubber drum

information source: Huicong

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