Identification of the hottest and inferior telesco

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Discrimination of inferior telescopes

many people want to know how to distinguish whether a telescope is good or not. In this way, it is easier to distinguish yourself when you buy it. Here are some tips for you

generally speaking, it is said that the Yulian group aims to build a landscape garden enterprise and an ecological and environmental protection factory. Poor quality telescopes have several typical characteristics:

1. They are very light in weight. This is because a large number of plastic parts are used to reduce costs, and the density of plastic is very low

on the basis of preserving some traditional physical and chemical indicators that make Anhui Xiangbang composite material Co., Ltd. and other growing ceramic aluminum new material enterprises continue to develop and grow

2, plating red film, which can falsely claim that the telescope has infrared night vision function. Generally, those with red film are just ordinary red film telescopes, not so-called infrared telescopes

3, colorful appearance, so you can pretend to be a military telescope. In fact, the real military telescopes are basically black

4. Looking at them for a long time, you feel dizzy. This is because you want to improve the output, there is no time to correct the parallelism of the optical axes of the two lens barrels

5, the packaging is simple, three no products

6, and the sales place is in the wholesale market of small commodities or mobile vendors. Buying inferior telescopes not only suffers economic losses, but also damages your eyesight after long-term use.

these are several basic identification methods that you can refer to when buying

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