Identification of the hottest waste plastics

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Plastics can be divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting according to their structure and properties. There are many kinds and patterns of waste plastics, which come from different industries. At present, most of the recyclable plastics in China are thermoplastic because they are soluble and plastic

different sources of waste plastics lead to different degrees of utilization and prices of waste plastics. The first is color. The lighter the color (or even colorless and transparent), the wider the range of use. For example, white can be adjusted into a variety of other colors, and can also be used as white products. The same price is also high. Secondly, because of the need of the product, various ingredients are added to the raw materials

at present, from the domestic market, it is mainly the content of CaC03 (stone powder) that determines the utilization value of waste plastics. The more CaC03 content, the lower the price. From the naked eye, the production also decreases, and the phenomenon of cracks is not bright. If the product is Matt (except Matt), the content of CaC03 will be more, and it will feel heavy from the hand feel. If you burn it with fire, the burned part will turn red and ash after quenching. In addition, we should also pay attention to reinforced (referring to glass fiber) products. At present, only PA, PBT, PP and other reinforced products can be used, and the price is not high. There is another kind of alloy material. At present, only abs+pc is sold in China, and the others are not good. Then judge whether the miscible materials can be reused according to the specific gravity (density) of raw materials. At present, the most serious problems are ABS and PS miscible, PC and PMMA miscible, PVC sheet (bottle speed accuracy) and pel sheet miscible, PE and PP half miscible. After these materials are miscible, because the density is similar, it is difficult to separate them by common methods. Therefore, the miscible materials cannot be crushed materials, otherwise the price will be very low, or even no one wants them

generally, there are the following steps to identify waste plastics:

1. Look at the color

2. Look at the brightness (transparent material can be removed in this step)

3. Hand feeling (weight and smoothness)

4. Ignition (observe whether the flame color is smoking, whether it contains off fire combustion or no combustion at all)

5. Smell (all kinds of plastics have different flavors, including flame retardants)

6. Wire drawing (the wire drawing with more CaC03 is certainly not good, and the wire drawing with reinforcement is also not possible)

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