Identification of cracks in the insulator of the h

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Identification of cracks in the insulator of the spark plug

the function of the spark plug is to talk about the high contact generated by the ignition coil: Wang Zhe piezoelectric is introduced into the combustion chamber of the engine, and an electric spark is formed between the power supply of the gas electrode should be greater than the total power of the instrument to ignite the mixture. If the insulator of the spark plug has cracks, the spark plug will not be able to ignite the mixture, and its external manifestation is that the cylinder engine is lack of cylinders

identification method: after the spark plug is installed in the cylinder, it cannot ignite and the cylinder is missing. Remove the spark plug and conduct a spark test outside the engine. The spark plug is normal

this is because the insulator of the spark plug has cracks, which reduces the performance of its insulator. However, when the leakage is not very serious, under the external air pressure, the resistance between motors is less than the crack resistance, so when the spark plug is subjected to the fire jump test, it can jump between electrodes, and it seems normal to watch outside. Once the spark plug is lowered and installed into the cylinder, it works under the condition of rapid changes in high temperature and high voltage, which increases the resistance between electrodes. When the resistance between electrodes is greater than the crack resistance, or carbon slag accumulates in the crack, the high-voltage electricity will be grounded through the crack, so the spark plug cannot work normally. In addition, the voltage required for the spark plug to ignite outside the engine is much lower than that in the engine combustion chamber

cause analysis: detonation usually occurs when the insulator of spark plug breaks. Excessive ignition advance angle, using low-grade gasoline mixture, too much sediment in the combustion chamber and the increase of compression ratio caused by maintenance of the generator will all produce detonation and cause cracks or even cracks in the spark plug insulator

disposal method: if there is a crack, the only spark plug that Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd. can produce a little aluminum lithium alloy pattern should be replaced immediately. During the use of the vehicle, the gasoline with suitable grade shall be filled as required, and the carbon deposit in the combustion chamber shall be removed regularly. Avoid premature adjustment of ignition advance angle

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