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Identify the packaging label and identify the authenticity of drugs

in daily supervision and inspection, as a drug supervision and law enforcement officer, mastering a method to quickly identify fake drugs can not only investigate and deal with illegal acts in time, improve law enforcement efficiency, but also reduce the harm of fake drugs and ensure the safety of drug use by the public. Combined with the practice of law enforcement after receiving the express delivery, the author discusses how to identify the authenticity of drugs from the drug packaging label, and then detect the illegal activities of manufacturing and selling fake drugs

I. check whether the drug approval number is forged

at present, many drugs on the market are marked with the words "national drug approval". As long as law enforcement officers pay a little attention, they can distinguish the authenticity from the category letters and numerical codes marked on them. The format of the new drug approval number is "national drug approval (Trial) word + letter + 8 digits". The letters include h, Z, s, B, t, F and j, which respectively represent different categories of drugs. The first two digits of the 8 digits represent the source of the original approval number, the third and fourth digits represent the last two digits of the year of the year when the approval number was renewed, and the last four digits are the sequence number of the approval number. According to relevant regulations, chemical agents should be marked as h, and traditional Chinese medicine agents should be marked as Z. some fake drugs are clearly chemical agents, but the category letter is marked as "Z". Some drugs produced in this province are marked with the code of that province or "00", etc. For example, Da'an food and Drug Administration recently found a drug with the approval number of "gyzz Z" in the process of law enforcement. Because the first two digits of the drug approval number should not appear "00", it was suspected that the drug was counterfeit, so it asked the business unit for the purchase orders of the drug. 2. Maintenance of oil source: according to the evidence, the other party was indeed unable to provide legal source certificates. After investigation, it is determined that the drug is a fake drug approval number and should be punished as a fake drug

II. Check whether the expired drug approval number is used

in 2003, the State Food and drug administration made unified regulations and determined the drug approval number, while some counterfeiters marked the expired approval number, which was obviously fake. For example, the "ant Shengjing pill" labeled by the Da'an food and drug administration as produced by weites Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. belongs to this category. The approval number of the drug is "import registration number: x990378, production batch number: 050118". Through the production batch number, it can be determined that its drug approval number is forged

III. check whether there is any problem with the drug packaging specification

for example, different specifications of the same variety are marked with the same approval number. The characteristic of this fake drug is that the marked drug name, manufacturer, approval number, etc. are the same, and the only difference is the packaging specification. During the inspection, the Da'an food and Drug Administration found that two packaging specifications were marked as "Xiyu Shenli capsule" produced by Tibet Minsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., one was 2 capsules/plate per box and could preferably display the function at high speed (2000r/min) and high temperature, and the other was 12 capsules/plate per box, and the approval number was "gyzz Z". According to the above situation, the law enforcement officers had doubts about the drug. After verification, there was no Tibet Minsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. at all, and the drug was fake

IV. check whether there is a problem with the composition of the drug

the State Food and drug administration has expressly stipulated that those who add western medicine ingredients to traditional Chinese medicine preparations will be treated as fake drugs. Therefore, such cases found in the inspection should be investigated in detail. For example, the Da'an food and Drug Administration once seized the "(bizhutong capsule) marked as produced by Shanxi Xiyang Xinyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. because its main ingredients were marked with" nux vomica "," safflower "," Fenbufen "and other Chinese and Western medicines, so the law enforcement officers were suspicious of it. After investigation, The Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has never produced "(because they can ensure the exact properties and quality of materials) Tong Capsule"

v. check whether there is any problem with the gifts attached to the drugs

some manufacturing enterprises sell some drugs with other drugs as a means of promotion. The drugs with additional gifts should obtain an independent approval number. Some illegal phenomena are exposed on the packaging of these drugs. For example, the "Fukang shuning" labeled as produced by Tibet Jilong Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. seized by Da'an food and Drug Administration belongs to this category. During the on-site inspection, no doubt was found on the appearance of the drug, but the drug "Fukang shuning spray" attached to the drug was not marked with the approval number and production batch number, which aroused the suspicion of law enforcement officers. After verification, the drug and its accompanying drugs are fake

in addition to the above situations, there are other loopholes in the packaging identification of counterfeit drugs. In the ordinary inspection, as long as law enforcement personnel are familiar with relevant laws and regulations, work carefully and carefully, and have sensitive and fast information, they can find these illegal phenomena and investigate and deal with illegal activities in time

Wang Yun, Da'an food and drug administration, Jilin Province

source: China Medical News

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