Identification technology of pine wood nematode in

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Nanjing entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau recently applied the principle of DNA paternity testing for the first time in China to carry out research on rapid molecular biology identification technology of pine wood nematodes, shortening the identification time of pine wood nematodes from the original 7 days to 6 hours, with an accuracy of 0.3~0.5100% of AC foaming agent. The technical level is in the leading position in the country

pine wood nematode is a pest called "pine cancer", which is mostly intercepted in wood packaging entering and leaving the country. Most of the intercepted pine wood nematodes are larvae, which are difficult to distinguish, so it is difficult to identify them quickly. The scientific and technological personnel of Nanjing entry exit inspection and quarantine bureau successfully overcome the technical difficulties of rapid identification of pine wood nematode by combining morphological characteristics with biological technology. This achievement not only greatly shortens the identification time, but also ensures the accuracy

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