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In a word: check the power cut card in the machine tool industry; When testing mixers, the top ten hot words "one sentence of China machine tool business column" spread all over the world. Hello, I'm Xiao Wei from China machine tool business. Now let me tell you about today's machine tool. Please see the main content:

on December 19, 2018, the national language resources monitoring and Research Center released the top ten network terms of 2018. Hot words have come out. What are the hot words in the machine tool industry in 2018? Today, let's take stock of the top ten hot words in the machine tool industry in 2018. []

referring to Chinese design, Chinese bridges, Chinese high-speed rail and Chinese aerospace, these shining Chinese business cards have won applause from the world. In addition to these national heavyweights, there are many Lightweight Black technologies that make people's lives more interesting and convenient, and make Chinese design richer and more colorful. []

on September, Ningbo Kaibo CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. grandly launched a new type of CNC machine tool gj8070 high-speed precision CNC. Compared with similar machine tools imported from abroad, this machine tool not only has a huge price advantage, but also fills the current market gap of similar machine tools in China. []

the temperature drops in winter and there is a long holiday. At this time, it is necessary to give the machine tool a good maintenance. Today, combined with years of experience, Hengwei machinery will share with you some experience about machine tool maintenance. []

in November 2018, Yunnan Jingji huzheng Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: ypm) decided to cooperate with China machine tool business, a professional Internet platform in the domestic machine tool industry, to build an online marketing platform with the potential of Internet + and open a new chapter of enterprise marketing based on the measurement of two "force pillars" with a dial indicator. []

Suzhou cassid Technology Co., Ltd. is a partner designated by German sycotec company, and is committed to providing customized services for Chinese customers for special motors with high speed, high temperature, high efficiency, high pressure, high torque and fluid medium. Recently, after many investigations, cassid electric chose to join the Chinese machine tool business. 【】

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