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Printing cot formula identification test

printing cot identification test process:

the sample goes through five processes: evaluation, separation and purification, instrumental analysis, spectral analysis, and comprehensive verification. More than 10 instruments such as NMR, XRF fluorescence scattering, infrared analyzer, and mass spectrometer are used together to obtain accurate spectral structure, formula analysis and reduction, and guide the research and development direction

Shanghai microspectrum provides the formula analysis of printing cots, the identification test of ethylene propylene diene monomer, styrene butadiene rubber, CIS polybutadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, natural rubber, neoprene, acrylate rubber, the reduction of the formula of rubber antioxidant and other additives, and provides the rubber with low temperature resistance, tear strength and aging resistance, helping to solve common problems, foreign matter analysis and quality control

advantages of Shanghai microspectrum and the difference between accounting and standard weights:

I. NMR, NMR, mass spectrometer, 4. Keep the experimental machine clean and sanitary every day, including infrared analyzer, mass spectrometer, XRF fluorescence scattering, etc., with a complete set of instruments

second, oil experienced experts are in charge, and the accuracy of formula analysis is high

III. with CMA certification qualification and the most comprehensive product spectrum library, it can identify almost all rubber and plastic polymers on the market.

applicable standards of this machine:

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