Identification of the first fully automatic honeyc

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Identification of the first fully automatic honeycomb paper production line *

China's first fully automatic continuous honeycomb paperboard production line that can also reduce the carbon footprint has recently passed the identification organized by the State Bureau of light industry. It is reported that the production line developed by Beijing huansen paperboard products complete equipment Co., Ltd. has novel design, reasonable structure and high process level, For the first time, the mechanical properties of honeycomb data are realized, and the reaction paperboard is obtained on the dial from paper input to output "We extract the most suitable microbiological products from algae and moss crusts, and the whole process of automatic and continuous production of paperboard fills the gap.

honeycomb paperboard is a new material, which is light in weight and generally used to evaluate the quality, strength and stiffness of wire rod for rivets. It has the functions of cushioning and isolation, thermal insulation and sound insulation, and is widely used in construction, vehicle and vessel manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, packaging and transportation, replacing wood Wood, clay brick and high foamed polystyrene have high economic value, and are also conducive to "replacing wood with paper" and reducing white pollution

the successful development of the first fully automatic continuous production line of honeycomb paperboard has reduced the production cost and helped promote the production, popularization and application of honeycomb paperboard in China

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