Top 5 features of oil-free air compressor

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Check the five most prominent features of oil-free air compressor

What are the most prominent features of oil-free air compressor

oil free air compressor is the most popular type of air compressor at present. Articles about its advantages have been flying all over the world, and you can search a large number of networks casually. For high precision; The latter is cheap, but these articles are generally one-sided, and do not analyze from the perspective of users. Shanghai deba today introduces some of the most prominent features of oil-free air compressors from the perspective of webmaster users:

1. The compressed air quality is higher: I believe most oil-free air compressor users are aiming at this point. Indeed, in this era of rapid industrial development, the manufacturing technology of various mechanical equipment is changing with each passing day, and the precision is getting higher and higher, which requires the continuous improvement of the quality of compressed air as power and gas source. Therefore, it is inevitable that the invention of oil-free air compressor and its rapid promotion and use

2. Simpler operation: as we all know, the whole working process of oil-free air compressor does not need the participation of lubricating oil at all, which at least eliminates a series of work for operators, such as selecting, adding and changing lubricating oil, cleaning lubricating oil system, etc. The relative operation is simpler, the requirements for operators are lower, and the workload is also SMM news: when the pressure of vehicle fuel consumption is pressed step by step, it is greatly reduced

3. Lower failure rate: compared with ordinary air compressors, oil-free air compressors have fewer vulnerable parts, so their failure rate is lower, the corresponding working performance is more stable, and the cost in this regard is lower

4. Lower use cost: this cost mainly includes four aspects: the first aspect is that there is no need for lubricating oil, so the cost of purchasing lubricating oil is saved; The second aspect is that there are few vulnerable parts, which saves the cost of purchasing parts; The third aspect is the lower failure rate, which saves maintenance costs; The fourth aspect is that the oil-free air compressor has longer service life and higher efficiency, so it also saves some costs

5. More friendly to the environment: the experimental study on the preparation of superhydrophobic surface by micro nano imprinting method with low noise of oil-free air compressor has no lubricant pollution and the quality of compressed gas produced is also high, so it is relatively friendly to the environment. (end)

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