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Relying on local advantages, Jinhua new energy automobile town has continuously practiced the concept of low-carbon environmental protection, developed a characteristic economy, and established a national leading new energy automobile industry cluster. The annual output of new energy automobiles is 47900, accounting for 9.26% of the total output of the country. It has become a veritable NEW energy automobile industry town, and the daily power demand of the town is huge, The corresponding power dispatching tasks are complicated; In the future, based on the energy-saving transformation of the original coking unit, the power supply and power dispatching tasks here will be completed in the new dispatching building of Jinhua Electric Power Bureau in the town

Jinhua Electric Power Bureau is responsible for the power supply of 17700 square kilometers and 5.5 million people in 9 counties (cities, districts) under the city and 11 counties (cities, districts) under Jiande City and Chun'an County under Hangzhou. The new dispatching building is the key to the implementation of the dispatching tasks of the power bureau. Now and even in the future, we should increase the research and development of truly high value-added rare earth utilization products. Hundreds of dispatching instructions will be sent from here every day. The carrying of dispatching calls, meetings and smart IOT business requires a safe, reliable, future oriented, green and efficient network that will not fall behind for ten years, and innovative applications can be smoothly upgraded

in recent years, passive optical network (PON) related technologies and their applications have developed rapidly, and have become an important access network adhesive in China, which refers to the construction method through bonding. PON technology has the advantages of large capacity, long transmission distance, anti electromagnetic interference, low maintenance cost, flexible and convenient access point setting, and is the development direction of office network in the future

for the business scenario of the dispatching building of Jinhua Electric Power Bureau, Huawei innovatively proposed the campus Optix all-optical Park solution. The all-optical campus network of Jinhua new building is composed of core switch, OLT and ONU. In the office, due to the large demand for bandwidth and high security requirements, 10gpon group is adopted, and the dual home protection mode (i.e. dual link backup) is used; The demand for IP and external bandwidth is relatively small, and in consideration of security, GPON group is adopted to reserve link backup capacity; In addition, considering the later maintenance and maintaining the unity of user application interface and information management, esight unified management system is used to manage all equipment, and internal and external management are separated to ensure security

1. The panoramic coverage of ip+pol network and the smooth evolution of services

the network construction of the new building should not only meet the needs of current services, but also be able to be smoothly upgraded in terms of bandwidth and service expansion, so as to meet the construction needs of the future ubiquitous power IOT. The new building pol (passive optical LAN) is deployed with 10gpon technology, with a single user access capacity of 1Gbps, which can be smoothly upgraded to 50gpon/100 in the future. In order to meet the domestic demand for rubber melt gear pumps, GPON meets the high security network of internal, external and IP physical isolation and encrypted transmission, and does not need to be rewired. Full consideration is given to meeting the video access of different scenes such as conference rooms and canteens in the future Wireless coverage and other high bandwidth requirements, truly realize one-time cabling, and will not fall behind for 30 years

the core switch adopts agile switch to realize the SDN network deployment capability of the new building, and then the wired and wireless network integration can be realized through the expansion of the core switch board card; At the same time, the fully programmable switch can quickly and conveniently realize a unified user strategy, fully ensure network security, and provide the planning and creation of navigation virtual business network, so as to realize one multi-purpose and save network construction and operation and maintenance costs

2. Multiple security protection and reliable means

in the construction of Jinhua new building network, safety and reliability are the top priority in the whole network construction, and various technologies should be used to ensure the safety and reliability of the network. In order to improve the network reliability, the GPON system adopts the optical fiber protection switching mechanism, and provides redundant protection at the OLT PON port and the backbone optical fiber. When the OLT or OLT PON port or the backbone optical fiber fails, it can realize the rapid detection of the fault through the link detection technology, so as to automatically switch to another optical fiber. At the same time, CSS cluster technology is adopted in the core switch. In addition, for the network security of the new building, Huawei also provides a perfect security authentication and authority control scheme to authenticate all kinds of equipment accessed in different scenarios to ensure the legitimacy of access users

3. Space saving, green and efficient

the traditional local area network is limited by the end Ethernet access distance of 100 meters, which often leads to the location, construction, power supply and maintenance of the computer room as a major problem in network delivery. This time, the requirements of independent deployment of internal, IP and external offices of Jinhua Power Bureau have brought great distress to wiring costs, energy consumption and space occupation. If the traditional switching unit mode is adopted, on the one hand, the network wiring accounts for 60% of the cost of the whole park. At the same time, the use of switches has brought a substantial increase in the use of electricity and air conditioning, and also takes up more space. After Huawei campus Optix all-optical Park solution adopts optical fiber instead of cable, the coverage of optical fiber can reach 40km. Only a weak current machine room + optical fiber is needed to save machine room space, without considering machine room construction, power access and other related problems. The deployment is flexible and rapid, and at the same time, the consumption of air conditioning and electric energy is reduced

Jinhua new energy automobile town has driven the promotion of regional green ideas. In the future, it will no longer be a monotonous factory. International karting yards, urban SUV tracks and automobile cultural parks will be active, providing services integrating sports events, sports leisure and tourism. The popularity of the town is booming, and the number of enterprises and merchants who take the initiative to visit the town is also increasing. The staff of Jinhua Electric Power Bureau working here can already experience the convenience brought by the all-optical park network, quickly respond to daily needs and perform power supply scheduling tasks

the head of the information and Communication Department of Jinhua Power Bureau said: Huawei's ip+pol all-optical Park scheme is very consistent with the construction goal of the new building network of Jinhua Power Bureau. We will work with Huawei to build a new generation of smart building through green technology based on all-optical technology and new technologies such as ubiquitous IOT, so as to provide comprehensive and refined services for employees

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