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Jiangguodong: private placement, young Xia jiangguodong

"without confidence and passion, I will have nothing!" In an interview with CCTV, Jiang Guodong was heroic

jiangguodong, a post-85 born in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, began to learn to speculate in stocks at the age of 10, became a trader at the age of 20, managed more than 100 million funds at the age of 25, founded Guanxiang capital at the age of 26, and served as the chairman of the board of directors. After seven years of bull bear alternation, many traders and fund managers have disappeared. At this worst time, Jiang Guodong stood at the forefront of the times and founded "Guanxiang No. 1", becoming a pioneer of Chinese hedge funds to promote international and multilateral cooperation

what first attracted CCTV's attention was a Sina Weibo called "jiangguodong Weibo". The comments on the Weibo were humorous and sharp, strict and mature, criticized the current shortcomings, talked and laughed, and have become a celebrity Weibo pursued by many young people. With a series of questions, CCTV interviewed jiangguodong, China's youngest fund manager

if he is not the president, he will be the trader

Jiang Guodong was born in an ordinary family. His father is the first generation of investors in China. He often talks about stocks and gold with several investors' friends. Jiangguodong spent his childhood listening to stock reviews. In 2005, when he was a sophomore in University, in order to comprehensively study securities investment, he studied all the books about securities investment in the school book stretching and tightening speed control library through the frequency converter. In addition, through various channels, we have collected many videos of securities investment, watched and learned them repeatedly. Set foot on the starting point of the 2005 bull market, Jiang Guodong was famous for his repeated victories in stock investment, and various funds poured in, which made him embark on the career of a trader from then on. In his junior year, Jiang Guodong rented an office outside the school and set up a securities investment studio. At that time, many investors came to seek advice. Jiangguodong has compiled a set of stock investment tutorials to guide investors one-on-one. This is a pioneer in the industry, and Jiang Guodong has also become the first stock tutor in China

28. If the boot is normal, it shows that in 2010, jiangguodong opened a blog to discuss stocks at major financial stations. His comments on the stock market hit the nail on the head, seeking truth from facts, and were sought after by the majority of friends, so he quickly became popular. Then, at the invitation of major mainstream media, he became a writer and special commentator

dream is the second life of mankind

in the bleak bear market, many sunshine private placements have been wound up, and relevant fund managers have left to change careers. Private placements have been controversial and questioned by all sectors of society. Jiangguodong holds different views on this. He believes that the reasons for the losses of individual investors represented by retail investors lie in the lack of correct investment ideas, information asymmetry and undisciplined operation; The reason for the liquidation of institutional investors represented by sunshine private placement lies in the lack of short selling mechanism and the formation of a sustainable scientific trading system, which is judged only by the sense of team

The emergence of stock index futures and refinancing indicates that China's capital market has entered a two-way trading era of short selling. This undoubtedly puts forward higher technical requirements for individual and institutional investors. The capital market will also enter the era of game between institutions! "All this tells us that the broad prospects of private equity funds will set off the third wave of wealth after real estate and Internet!" Jiangguodong is full of longing for private equity funds. Maybe this is a dream. However, dream is the second life of mankind

"Guanxiang No.1" creates a new business card of Dongguan City

when modern finance proves that the financial market has rules to follow and can be expressed by mathematical models, a financial revolution around risk and return has quietly begun. And jiangguodong is the person who brought this revolution to Dongguan

Guanxiang capital's innovative financial investment has created a precedent for Dongguan finance and injected a new force into Dongguan's economic transformation and upgrading! "Dongguan's private capital is rich, but it lacks good investment channels in the market environment dominated by processing trade. Guanxiang capital hopes to promote scientific and technological innovation with financial innovation and make its modest contribution to the high-level rise of Dongguan!" When asked why he chose Dongguan, Jiang Guodong made the above answer. As the first hedge fund in Dongguan's history, "Guanxiang No. 1" is known as a new business card of Dongguan City

the transaction carried out by "guanxiang-1" is not a value investment in the traditional sense, nor an investment based on fundamental analysis and technical analysis in the simple sense, but a computer mathematical decision-making system transaction based on a large number of transaction sample statistics, and the income comes from the irrational misoperation of many participants in the market. The core members of Guanxiang capital are all from financial departments. They can also purchase multiple sets of equipment for production at the same time. They use modern financial theory to design a quantitative oriented financial model, carry out statistical analysis of investment targets and their derivatives, and build a rigorous portfolio to achieve the goals of long-term, robustness and sustainability

towards the end of the interview, Jiang Guodong felt that there were thousands of things, and told CCTV: "China's private equity funds are still in the early stage of development, and need the support of relevant departments in many aspects of policy and law! In addition, China's financial industry needs more young people to inherit!" CCTV wishes Guanxiang capital to grow vigorously, and "Guanxiang No. 1" is successful

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