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Tokyo, August 15: the chairman of the Japan Petrochemical Industry Association said that due to the slowdown in ethylene demand in Japan and other Asian regions, the Japanese petrochemical industry had to consider further shutting down some ethylene production units. The chairman also quoted a spokesman as saying that the future gel industry of ethylene has ushered in a window period of great industrial development. The key to the prospects depends on the demand of the petrochemical industry for ethylene. For example, 8. Before printing, we should check the printer to see whether there is paper. At present, the only thing we can do is to consider stopping some ethylene production units or reducing ethylene production. The weakness of fastening anchor screws in the Asian ethylene market has made exporting ethylene almost unprofitable. In addition, Japan's domestic deflationary pressure is very large, and it is difficult for ethylene producers to raise their selling prices. If the ethylene price competition in the overseas market is still so fierce and depressed, it is expected that the Japanese petrochemical industry will soon or has already ushered in an extremely difficult stage. It is predicted that this year's ethylene production in Japan will decline by 5% from last year's 10000 tons, and ethylene demand has not rebounded so far after the first quarter of this year. Another spokesman said that although Japan tried to reduce ethylene production a few days ago, it was a matter of deep concern that ethylene inventories remained high, mainly due to the sharp decline in the demand for ethylene in the petrochemical industry

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