Most popular Japanese launch plastic car 90 parts

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Japan launched plastic cars, 90% of the parts are made of plastic

it is reported that Japan launched the world's first car with 90% of the parts made of various plastics

according to the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), the new concept car was developed under the framework of the government's innovative technology program, which was the result of collaboration between scientists at the University of Tokyo and automakers. Due to the use of various types of plastics, the weight of the car is 40% lighter than that of ordinary cars

in this way, we can save energy and open up new prospects for the development of 3000 tons of industrial lithium carbonate electric vehicles

it was generally believed that it was impossible to use plastic in automobile manufacturing due to insufficient bending strength. Scientists solve this problem by combining various types of plastics. This is the world's first automobile made of plastic with 90% of important parts compared with inorganic bonded mortar in the field of penetrant inspection

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