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Jiangjianguo: from migrant workers to entrepreneurs

Guide: jiangjianguo now has four companies, and has won the title of the top ten migrant workers' independent entrepreneurship leaders in Hunan Province. More than 10 years ago, he was just an ordinary migrant worker, without dazzling academic qualifications and prominent family background. People around him say that he can achieve today's achievements because he dares to think and do, and can bear hardships

Jiang Jianguo now owns four companies and was once awarded the title of "top ten migrant workers' self entrepreneurship leaders" in Hunan Province. More than 10 years ago, he was just an ordinary migrant worker, without dazzling academic qualifications and prominent family background. People around him said that he was able to achieve what he achieved today because he dared to think and do and was able to endure hardship

entrepreneurship starts in difficulties

in 1974, Jiang Jianguo was born in a poor cottage in Jianghua. Like many successful entrepreneurs, his entrepreneurial path is not smooth. In that era of widespread poverty, he experienced a long and difficult time from a humble background

as early as the 1980s, in order to provide him with the choice of different impact performance, weather resistance and scratch resistance, his parents and his younger brother studied and left their hometown to work in the south, with a low income. Jiang Jianguo knew that he could not afford to go to college with the money of his parents' work alone. As soon as he graduated from high school, he gave up the opportunity to continue studying and enter the University, and was determined to change this face of poverty with his own efforts

he first found a job as a porter in Jianghua No. 1 cigarette factory, but he was too young to carry a cigarette bag weighing hundreds of kilograms. So he learned to drive brick carts. Although it was hard, his income was good

Jiang Jianguo gets up early every day and goes back and forth to several construction sites in the dark. When he is hungry, he eats a few steamed buns in the cab; If you are thirsty, just drink some cold water. As long as the customer needs, no matter how far the road is, such phenomenon will be greatly improved if tied with rubber rope. He is always on call to deliver materials to the construction site in time, and he gets the most wages among his peers

when he found that most of the money he made went into the owner's pocket, he thought, if only he had a car. So he saved his wages and went to Guangzhou to buy a second-hand car. Used cars often break down. It costs money to repair them, and he learns to repair them himself

after several years of hard work, Jiang Jianguo accumulated the first bucket of gold in his life. After struggling in the business sea, he was bold in 2015 and had more friends

the enterprise is strong in the enterprise

in the 1990s, Jiang Jianguo discovered the business opportunity of the earthwork market, but at that time, it was still unpopular in Jianghua. He immediately partnered with others to buy a excavator. He could not drive himself, so he hired a driver. In a few years, he made another sum of money. In 1997, Jiang Jianguo established the first company in his life, Jianghua Hengtai Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

in March, 2005, the esselia Hotel, which has been operated by the Jianghua County Forestry Bureau for 10 years, announced its restructuring due to poor management and was priced at 14million yuan. Seeing that the landmark buildings with boundless scenery were about to disappear, Jiang Jianguo hurriedly joined forces with several business partners to buy the hotel at a high price. However, in terms of business direction, several partners had serious differences. In the case of giving priority to the sole proprietorship of several other shareholders, Jiang Jianguo, with amazing courage, additionally increased the price of his partners to buy shares and solely operated the esselia hotel. At this point, Jiang Jianguo owned his second company

in addition to borrowing 5million yuan from the bank, he tried every means to raise funds from various sources, raising a total of more than 30million yuan. After buying the hotel as a whole, it was renamed as esselia International Hotel, and finally used "grand surgery" to expand and upgrade the hotel into a four-star high-end hotel integrating catering, accommodation, business and leisure. Jiangjianguo also won the "special contribution award for the 50th anniversary of the county" of Jianghua Yao Autonomous County

since 2008, the hotel has achieved an annual operating income of more than 20 million yuan and paid more than 3 million yuan in taxes, entering the industry of large taxpayers in the county. At the same time, Jiang Jianguo's career is also developing and growing. In addition to esselia International Hotel and Jianghua Hengtai Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., his subsidiaries include Yongzhou Longhua investment real estate Co., Ltd. and Jianghua Yao Autonomous County Panwang Tea Co., Ltd. In May, 2010, Jiang jiangguorong was appointed as the director of Rural Commercial Bank of Jianghua Yao Autonomous County

life shines in dedication

entrepreneurs create wealth to repay the society, while nouveau riche are only used for their own enjoyment and waste, which is the biggest difference between entrepreneurs and nouveau riche

"my son never spends money indiscriminately. Every penny of his money is spent on enterprises and employees." Jiang Jianguo's mother was affectionately called "mother" by the employees. The mother said that Jiang Jianguo started from a migrant worker from scratch. Although he is now the boss of many enterprises, it seems that he is not as "rich" as before, because his money is used to invest in enterprises

perhaps because of the special experience of migrant workers, Jiang Jianguo made a rule from the beginning of his career: in the recruitment of employees, he should give more preference to laid-off workers, unemployed people and migrant workers. Today, among his more than 300 hotel employees and more than 100 employees who will implement real estate construction and marketing this year, 96% are laid-off workers, unemployed people, veterans and migrant workers. For this reason, his hotel won the medal of "advanced unit for re employment of laid-off workers" issued by Jianghua County Labor and Social Security Bureau

in order to let more laid-off workers and migrant workers learn their skills, he will hire a high salary Hotel trainer from Changsha every year to come to give training lectures, so that the staff can learn something special, learn something good, and become a technical expert and service star in various industries

"only by working hard is the best return for social care". This is what Jiang Jianguo often says to employees and what he asks of himself. At the beginning of 2007, the South was hit by a huge ice and snow disaster. Jiang Jianguo sent a car to purchase 100 boxes of candles from Guangdong and sent them overnight to primary and secondary schools for free. In the "May 12" Wenchuan earthquake, he took the lead in donating 20000 yuan, and organized and mobilized employees to donate 14600 yuan to support the construction of disaster areas. In recent years, he and his enterprise have actively participated in social public welfare undertakings, and have donated hundreds of thousands of yuan in total... "Entrepreneurs should bear the burden of society, and the road to entrepreneurship is endless." With the spirit of daring to think and do and the down-to-earth struggle, Jiang Jianguo has completed the magnificent transformation from migrant workers to entrepreneurs, changing his own destiny and the lives of many people at the same time

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