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Jesse heavy industry: hope for success with excellence

moisten things and cultivate the heart, and the ingenuity of the country. Jesse, hope for outstanding achievements

from November 27 to November 30, 2018, the world-renowned "Bauma China" was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The theme of this BMW exhibition is "smart manufacturing vision, vertical and horizontal Grand View". Bauma China, as an extension of the world-famous construction machinery exhibition Bauma Germany in China, and the top event of the Asian construction machinery industry, has become a stage for global construction machinery enterprises to compete. Famous construction machinery brands at home and abroad are gathered here to show the latest and highest achievements of today's construction machinery. More and more products will adopt tens of thousands of innovative products and technologies of spray free materials to witness the inheritance of the wisdom of construction machinery with the audience

among many brands, Hunan jiexizhong is a "new force" that grasps the two core competitiveness of quality and technology. It has a strong momentum, attracting many domestic and foreign customers and visitors to the booth for communication and negotiation. China Construction machinery information made an exclusive interview with Mr. Xiang Wei, general manager of Hunan JieXi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., to listen to the entrepreneurial road of JieXi heavy industry

China's construction machinery industry has experienced a five-year adjustment period, showing a steady growth trend in the first half of 2018, and the sales volume of construction machinery products has stabilized. Among the latest top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, Chinese enterprises occupy 12 seats. As one of the countries with the earliest development of machinery in the world, China will undoubtedly become the focus of the world's construction machinery industry, and China's construction machinery industry will enter a new growth period

Hunan JieXi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was established on February 16, 2017. Referring to the "initial intention" of measuring deformation installation into the high-altitude industry, Xiang said, "I entered the high-altitude operation machinery industry with a 'high-altitude dream' and have recently turned from water testing to officially entering this field. In recent years, the construction machinery has warmed up, and the high-altitude area is even more outstanding. It is precisely for this love and longing for high-altitude that our excellent team has cooperated to develop a number of industry-leading products in a short time, which perfectly reflects the 'China speed'.". As a "young" enterprise founded only two years ago, Jesse heavy industries has presented a remarkable "report card" in the Chinese market. In this BMW exhibition, JieXi heavy industry reported good news frequently and signed a series of purchase contracts with customers in China, Europe, America, Singapore, Japan and South Korea, which is the best proof of the market's recognition of JieXi heavy industry

for the construction machinery industry, there is a high threshold in terms of capital and technology; Looking at the current Chinese construction machinery market, there are many leading enterprises at home and abroad, which is a challenge for Jesse heavy industries, a start-up enterprise that has chosen this industry, to introduce external suppliers on the one hand

in this BMW exhibition, Jesse heavy industries came with "a masterpiece", and a series of new products, such as the straight arm high-altitude platform tb27j, the curved arm high-altitude platform ab14j, the diesel shear fork rs1623d, the HL odd series electric shear fork, and the 0607hm small shear fork, were all unveiled, making Jesse green, which is full of passion and vitality, a high-profile scenic spot

quality first, strict quality control

aerial work platform is not an emerging industry, which has been widely used abroad, but in China, it is still in the stage of gradually gaining market acceptance and application. At present, the traditional high-altitude operation mode still widely used in China, such as the use of scaffolding, has great potential safety hazards. The high-altitude operation platform is produced to solve this problem. Aerial work platform is a product that serves various industries in aerial work, equipment installation, maintenance and other mobile aerial work. Its main function is to safely and efficiently send people to the air where they need to work, which puts forward high requirements for the stability and safety of equipment. JieXi heavy industry was born to build the most professional manufacturer of high-altitude operation equipment. Adhering to the vision of providing safer, smarter and more efficient high-altitude operation solutions for the world and the concept of "innovation, creation and excellence", it provides effective high-altitude solutions to improve the production efficiency and safety of construction sites for domestic and foreign markets

quality is the pioneer and foundation of product development. No matter what kind of gimmick it is, only based on quality can a brand stand on the market. "We must do a good job in our products and stabilize the quality, so that everything else can go smoothly.". General manager Xiang's persistent insistence on the quality of Jesse heavy industry was passed on to all "Jesse people". Since its inception, JieXi heavy industry has always regarded product quality as an enterprise and implemented it in all links of products, including research and development, testing, factory inspection, sales and after-sales. It has strictly controlled the quality and raised the product quality to the height of "life" of the enterprise

"the quality of aerial work platform and the safety guarantee of operators are our primary consideration, which is related to the life of each operator". Jesse heavy industry not only provides extraordinary carrying capacity and spacious platform working space, but also has unique advantages in safety, operability and maintenance. There are strict qualification regulations for operators in the high-altitude operation industry, which requires that professional operators with certificates can only work after special training. The equipment platform of Jesse heavy industry is equipped with a convenient and stable operating system, which makes it more convenient for operators to operate, reduces errors in personnel operation, and "escorts" safe construction

strong scientific and technological innovation ability "empowers" products.

"what we want to do is to be a respected enterprise in China and produce respected products. Since its establishment in 2017, Jesse heavy industry has always focused on innovative research and development, injecting value into products, and hoping customers can gain value through our products. Innovation requires a lot of time and cost, but we think it is worth it"

with the efforts of "Jesse people", Jesse heavy industry has received many national patent Certifications: 12 patents were included in 2017, and another 18 patents were applied for in the first half of this year. On this basis, Jesse heavy industry is still constantly optimizing the manufacturing process of products. Not long ago, the products successfully passed 100000 hours of repeated lifting fatigue test. This proves that JieXi heavy industry has the reliability compared with foreign first-class products. In terms of material selection, Jesse strictly controls the use of high-grade materials. At the same time, Jesse has made great efforts in technology, especially in surface treatment and electrophoresis technology, which can effectively prevent metal corrosion for a long time. The corrosion resistance salt spray test time of products in the same industry is 200 hours. At present, Jesse heavy industrial products under test have passed the rust prevention test for more than 1000 hours, and the next goal will be 1200 hours, It may take 1500 hours. From 200 hours to 1000 hours, this is a huge leap in rust prevention performance, representing that the rust prevention grade of Jesse heavy industry products is more than 5 times that of domestic similar products

bear in mind the responsibility of environmental protection and contribute to green development

in recent years, driven by national policies and regulations, industrial development has paid more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, and the emission standards of construction machinery have also been advancing. In particular, the national fourth emission standard of construction machinery will enter the implementation stage from the second half of 2020 to the first half of 2021, and the future of construction machinery will undergo profound changes

for the important task of environmental protection, Jesse heavy industry has had its own consideration since its inception. "The representative color of our brand is green, which represents youth, vitality and hope. At the same time, it represents that we always bear in mind the responsibility of environmental protection". As a global environmental protection trend including China, environmental protection requires all walks of life to make adjustments to meet increasingly stringent environmental emission standards. At the same time, the field of construction machinery also needs to be upgraded. "The products of JieXi heavy industry have excellent energy-saving performance, and the energy consumption is 15% - 20% lower than that of similar domestic products.". Jesse heavy industry is not only making efforts in energy consumption, but also exploring new energy. According to general manager Xiang, JieXi heavy industry is currently developing a more extensive application of lithium batteries in high-end industrial machinery, and will strive to promote the industry to continue to move in the direction of electrification and electric drive, so as to reduce the use of traditional energy and promote the development of national environmental protection

Jesse heavy industry is undoubtedly an eye-catching "Star" in China's construction machinery industry, not only because it has the advantages of quality and technology, but also because it is a passionate, energetic and promising team that is brave to shoulder, and is making unremitting efforts for the future of China's construction machinery industry. I believe that under the guidance of such "original intention", the flag of "Jesse green" will fly on a higher and broader domestic and international stage. Let's wait and see

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