The hottest polyether market is generally stable,

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The polyether market is generally stable, and the price will continue to rise in the later period.

the polyether market is generally stable. The factory quotation of the manufacturer's soft foam polyether water purification is yuan/ton, and the delivery transaction price varies greatly among regions. In the early stage of the market, the customer's bottom delivery transaction price is 13600 yuan/ton, and the high-end transaction price is yuan/ton. The transaction price of the original packaging in the market is 14300 yuan/ton. The operating rate of the manufacturer's soft foam polyether is concentrated at 20%-30%, but the market situation is that the price of raw materials rises, and the downstream of ethylene is forced to reduce the operating rate of the device. The operating rate of the device is relatively low, and some regions are gradually saturated. According to agents in some regions, the current delivery volume of soft foam polyether customers has been reduced by about 1/3 compared with the past, and each transaction volume of downstream customers is less

in depth analysis:

in terms of soft foam polyether, the operating rate of Jinxi Chemical Industry in Northeast China is about 20%, and the ex factory quotation of soft foam is 13800 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction price is slightly lower. Under the circumstance that the insiders are generally not optimistic about the aftermarket of TDI, the manufacturers have taken measures to limit shipments and ensure inventory to cope with the possible sharp increase in purchases by downstream customers in the aftermarket. The quotation of manufacturers in North China is 13800 yuan/ton, and the market transaction price is slightly lower. The ex factory price of Shanghai Gaoqiao in East China is 13700 yuan/ton, and the quotation of Jiangsu Zhongshan chemical is yuan/ton. The ex factory quotation of shell in South China and Meizhou Bay in Fujian is 13800 yuan/ton, and the transaction price is concentrated at yuan/ton. In terms of market transactions, the futures price of CNOOC and shell in East China is still around 13600 yuan/ton. At present, the orders signed for 137 markets with a prosperous price of 00 yuan/ton have not yet started to be delivered, and the trading volume of 13800 yuan/ton has not been heard yet. The sales volume of other manufacturers are poor, and the manufacturers have more inventory. Due to the high freight in Central China, the shipping price of agents is yuan/ton, and the transaction price of original packaging is 14300 yuan/ton. South China and Fujian are mostly directly supplied by manufacturers, with low prices. The freight in Guangdong is relatively high, and the lowest psychological price of the agent is yuan/ton of purified water and 14300 yuan/ton of barreled water. The transaction price of retail investors in the market is mostly concentrated in yuan/ton

in terms of hard foam polyether, as the weather turns cold, the operating rate of small enterprises in refrigerators has decreased, and the demand for thermal insulation plates has gradually entered the off-season. The quality of goods in the hard foam polyether market is uneven, the supply volume is large, and the market price is difficult to rise, and the transaction price has been maintained at yuan/ton

compared with the sluggish soft and hard bubble market, the current pop market is better. The quotation of grafted polyether delivered with tickets in South China is yuan/ton. The cost in East China is low and the convenience of manufacturers in Central China has not changed for the time being. The ex factory quotation is about 16500 yuan/ton. The price rise is mainly due to the rising price of raw materials. According to insiders, the future price may still rise


from the overall situation of the market, although the manufacturer's quotation rises uniformly, the actual transaction price of the market is difficult to implement, and the reaction speed is slow, but the overall situation still shows a difficult upward trend. After analysis, polyether and propane are still upside down at present, and polyether manufacturers cannot be satisfied with the current situation. Later, prices will continue to rise. The reason for price adjustment has little to do with the current market, mainly to protect the interests of manufacturers. However, on the other hand, the price of propylene oxide may fall in November, and it may stabilize after the pressure on polyether cost is relieved. Finally, TDI is expected to decline. Following the psychology of "buying up but not buying down", it is expected that manufacturers will wait and see for a period of time, polyether transactions will be relatively stable in a short time, and the quotation may be increased

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