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Polyethylene stands firm in the packaging market and opens up new fields

polyethylene (PE) is the largest variety in general synthetic resin. Due to its relatively low price and good physical properties, it has been widely used in industry, agriculture, packaging and daily life. In recent years, polyethylene has expanded rapidly to the application fields of agricultural film, pipe, cable material and so on, based on the stable variety of packaging materials

packaging materials: firmly occupy the position of housekeeping varieties

in China, packaging is still the field with the largest amount of plastic consumption, and its development is much higher than other traditional packaging materials. PE is the largest synthetic resin in the world and the largest plastic packaging material in consumption

pe is widely used in flexible packaging films, packaging containers, foamed plastics, packaging sheets and other fields. China is a big country in the production and sales of fruit and vegetable. PE film is the most widely used packaging material for fresh fruits and vegetables. In the field of composite flexible packaging film, PE, as the main basic material, is widely used in dairy products packaging, soft drink packaging, protective film and other products; In the field of hollow containers, PE is widely used in the packaging of water, edible oil and chemical solvents; PE foam material has advantages in the packaging of household appliances, glassware, precision instruments and other products; It has broad application prospects in vacuum blistering, PE modified transparent sheet, wood plastic products and so on. In recent years, as PE special materials, bimodal PE and PE modified materials gradually enter the market, the application field of PE products has the potential to improve and expand

pe has a certain share in the plastic sheet market and has a broad prospect. The application scope of plastic sheets in China is expanding day by day, and the varieties are increasing. In particular, transparent sheets have been widely used in China's construction industry, national defense and military industry, daily-use plastic products and other fields. Recently, the demand has continued to grow at an average annual rate of more than 12%, the market is broad, and the growth rate of output is also considerable. It is expected that the output will reach 1million tons in 2006

with the rapid development of China's chemical building materials industry, the demand for various plastic sheets and decorative materials for construction has increased significantly. It is predicted that the domestic demand for plastic sheets will continue to grow at a rate of more than 12% per year in the near future. The market prospect of plastic sheet is very broad

pe foaming material is a protective packaging material with a wide range of applications and economic benefits. Products range from light low-density foaming to special thick plate high-density foaming composites. The annual consumption of PE foam materials is nearly 200000 tons, mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta

agricultural market: there is considerable room for growth

agricultural plastics are mainly divided into agricultural covering materials, agricultural water pipelines, water-saving equipment, agricultural plastic packaging materials and materials for planting, breeding and storage according to their application fields

agricultural film is one of the most important products in the plastic industry, and its consumption is roughly 1.6 times that of other countries in the world. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 1000 agricultural film production enterprises with a production capacity of more than 2million tons. The annual consumption of greenhouse film has reached 700000 tons, covering an area of 50million mu; The annual sales volume of mulching film is about 450000 tons, and the coverage area is more than 220 million mu

plastic water-saving equipment. In recent years, the area of sprinkler and drip irrigation in the world has developed rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 63%. China's water-saving irrigation area, which is characterized by low-pressure plastic pipe water delivery, has increased by an average of more than 10 million mu per year, reaching more than 80 million mu at present

in terms of water delivery, strengthen the construction of anti leakage, actively explore the market of agricultural waterproof materials, and develop agricultural large-diameter plastic pipes and fittings; In terms of water-saving irrigation, promote the use of sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, micro irrigation technology, and develop small and medium-sized plastic pipes and pipe fittings. This series of forced dispersion of glass fiber with special dies are the huge demand potential and development direction of plastic water-saving irrigation equipment

according to the estimation of the Ministry of agriculture, the mulching area and greenhouse film area that can be covered in China in 2005 were 550million Mu and 50million Mu respectively, and about 3million tons of plastic film are needed; Water saving irrigation projects have 1.7 million tons of pipeline water delivery and Canal Anti-seepage plastic. This shows that the production capacity of agricultural plastic products is far from meeting the market demand, and there is considerable room for growth

pipe materials: a new field in large space

PE gas pipes are a big market for development. China is building natural gas transmission pipes across the country. In the 21st century, there will be an upsurge of laying polyethylene pipes for fuel gas. It is estimated that the laying volume of gas pipes in China this year can reach 20000 kilometers, and 60% of them will use polyethylene pipes

drainage and sewage pipes are polyethylene pipe applications. Let's learn more about the following fields. In developed countries, drainage and sewage pipes are the largest application fields of plastic pipes. The work of buried plastic drainage pipes in China has just started, and it is estimated that the consumption in this field can reach 60000 tons this year

communication cable sleeves are widely used. At present, PVC pipes are mainly used for communication power cables and cable sleeves, while polyethylene pipes are mainly used for communication cable (optical cable) sleeves. At present, many enterprises in China produce double wall bellows for sheath, with an annual output of about 80000 tons, of which about 30% are polyethylene double wall bellows

there is a new product called "silicon core tube" in optical cable sheath, which has been widely used in communication construction in China. In the future, a large number of roads will be built and adjusted almost every year. The amount of silicon core pipes supporting this will exceed 50000 tons of polymer materials as mentioned above, and the elongation is far better than that of metals, fibers, wood, plates and other materials. It is estimated that the market consumption of polyethylene pipes in this field will reach 100000 tons this year

cross linked polyethylene pipes have a stable market. Chemical cross-linked polyethylene pipe is a new type of chemical building materials. Western developed countries have widely used chemical cross-linked polyethylene pipe instead of metal pipe. This kind of pipe is mainly used for cold and hot water pipes, central air conditioning, gas transmission and fluid transmission pipelines in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other industries

the Ministry of construction is determined to eliminate the cast iron pipes and galvanized iron pipes that are in use with high energy consumption, high price, low efficiency and pollution, and replace them with green environmental protection chemical building materials. With the recognition of new pipes and the standardization of relevant national industrial policies, the market demand for chemical crosslinked polyethylene pipes will be doubled

cable material: the market share is stable at a high level

plastic for wire and cable insulation and sheath, commonly known as cable material, has a broad market development prospect in China. Compared with other similar products, XLPE cable material is better than other insulating materials in electrical performance, mechanical performance, heat resistance and aging resistance. The cable ampacity made of this material is 1.3 times higher than that of PVC insulating material. It is used to manufacture power cables, signal cables, control cables, submarine cables, optical cables and other products

at present, the total plastic consumption of China's domestic cable industry (power cable, equipment line, communication cable) is about 220000 tons/year, of which polyethylene cable material is about 120000 tons/year, including insulation, sheath and barrier fuel, accounting for 60%. By 2005, the total volume may increase to 300000 tons/year. (author: Deputy Director of national plastic processing industry information center) Liu Junke

source: Sinopec news

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