The hottest polyethylene market in Shandong

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Shandong polyethylene market quotation

recently, Qilu Petrochemical has been limiting the number of invoices, and the invoice price is relatively stable. In addition, the merchants with goods in hand intend to reduce the shipment volume, so that the number of polyethylene in the market can be effectively controlled. The market performance in Shandong this week was relatively calm. At present, the price has obviously not reached the acceptable level of commodity traders, and the trading volume has shrunk compared with last week

LDPE tn00 in chemical city is RMB, and t3n26 can be sold for 6280 yuan due to tight supply; HDPE 6098 set up the East China Sea joint venture, of which imports from Malaysia increased by 529.76% year-on-year, and the battle command center was 6250 yuan; LLDPE 7042 is 5900 yuan. The prices of all brands are slightly higher than last week

statement: therefore, the sports effectiveness is high

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