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The polyether polyol project with an annual output of 20000 tons passed the national Torch Plan

a few days ago, Fushun's "polyether polyol wf350-1 with an annual output of 20000 tons to reduce starting resistance" project successfully passed the acceptance of the national torch plan project. The project is a key industrialization project of the national torch plan, undertaken by Fushun Jiahua Chemical Co., Ltd

it is understood that the project adopts a manufacturing process that overlaps with the main light needle to ensure safe production. Using renewable resources such as agricultural products, it directly reacts with propylene oxide to synthesize aliphatic ester group polyether polyols at a low temperature. The process is simple, there is no three wastes, and the product is a green product. The utilization rate of renewable resources reaches 55%, and the consumption of petrochemical products is reduced by 45%. Compared with similar products, the cost is lower, and the quality reaches the domestic advanced level

at present, the total investment of the project is 23.5 million yuan, achieving an annual output of 13975.3 tons, a sales revenue of 143.103 million yuan, a profit of 6.9885 million yuan and a foreign exchange earning of 1.66 million yuan. It is estimated that by the end of this year, the output will be 20000 tons, the profit will be 10million yuan and the foreign exchange will be 5million yuan

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