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Polyethylene market in Xiamen for a week

although the inventory of polyethylene in Xiamen market is not large, the downstream still maintains a certain delivery volume. However, considering that there is still a certain downward trend in the future market, and affected by the depression of oil fields with large viscosity in the surrounding regions, polyethylene in Xiamen has still seen a panic selling in the past week, with a decline of up to "00 yuan, he said

ldpe is priced at 6800 yuan for 200gg in Malaysia and 6700 yuan for 0200 in Iran

lldpe Saudi Arabia 218w is 6300 yuan, South Korea 3224 is 6200 yuan, uf414 is 6300 yuan, India 7160 new 3D printing composite material research and development success is to accelerate the transformation from traditional product manufacturing to providing products and services and overall solutions of 6000 yuan

hdpe blown film grade South Korea f120a is 6750 yuan, Saudi Arabia 00952 is 6750 yuan, and wire drawing grade South Korea 910a is 6600 yuan

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