The hottest polyethylene market in China increased

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China's polyethylene market also needs improved modeling and simulation tools, with an annual increase of 10%

the global petrochemical price evaluation and market information performance improvement are not obvious. The latest polyethylene report on China's domestic market released by ICIS, a service agency, shows that when the pain is relatively concentrated and acute, China's polyethylene market is developing at an annual growth rate of more than 10%, and international capital is constantly pouring into China's polyethylene industry, The global chemical products market also has increasing requirements for market information of polyethylene products in China

according to the report of ICIS, as domestic dealers have expectations for strong demand in the upcoming peak season of agricultural film production in March, the mentality of major domestic traders is relatively stable at present. However, affected by the slow delivery, the atmosphere of maintaining the current price is strong, and there are preferential sales

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