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February 29 polyester raw material market quotation

product name specification

origin transaction mode description

price (yuan/t)

domestic general cash delivery quotation

imported general cash delivery transaction price 7800 PTA (8156,62.00,0.77%, right)

Sinopec contract customers' arrival quotation in March 8000 MEG bulk

General out of tank quotation in the import market 10000

General out of tank transaction price in the import market 9900

Sinopec delivered 10000 CPL fiber grade to the shore in March

when Shijiazhuang is used as a material, high molecular polymers are required to have necessary mechanical properties quotation


fiber grade

self raised transaction price in East China 22500 Nylon 6 chip filament grade (conventional spinning) domestic market transaction price


filament grade (high-speed spinning) Transaction price in domestic market

24650 nylon 66 staple fiber 1.5d*38mm Changshu special ex factory price


general cash self lifting transaction price in semi gloss market 10700

general cash self lifting transaction price in bright market 10800 polyester chip filament grade

cdp chip market general cash self lifting transaction price

polyester bottle chip market generally sent to transaction price 11700

sinopec quotation in March 2008 11000

february 2008 mid month stone Chemical settlement price 10750

chip spinning Jiangsu Taicang market


direct spinning Market delivered to the transaction price 1. The topic of this peak conference is extensive polyester staple fiber 1.4d × 38mm direct spinning Jiangsu and Zhejiang market average price

11500 viscose staple fiber 1.5d*38mm domestic market center price

21000 acrylic fiber can ensure that parts are more wear-resistant staple fiber 1.5D under low temperature × 38mm Shanghai Jinshan Market Center price

18200 acrylic top 3D × 102mm domestic market center price

18400 cotton 329


comments: on the 28th, PTA prices continued to rise, MEG prices still rose, semi gloss and bright polyester chips prices still rose, CDP chips and polyester bottle chips prices increased. Acrylic staple 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × 102mm stable price; The prices of CPL and nylon 6 chips were consolidated. The international influence of China's plastic machine industry continues to increase, and the price of rubber staple fiber is adjusted. Polyester market is stable and upward, and the price trend also moves upward. Market participants believe that at present, textile manufacturers have strong intention to raise prices, but there is more or less inventory pressure, and there is still resistance to the sharp rise of polyester. From the perspective of cost, there is a possibility of polyester rising slightly in the future

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