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Polyethylene market development opportunities and development suggestions

China's polyethylene market has a lot of room for development, and the downstream plastic processing industry is also developing very rapidly, especially in some high value-added products, its demand growth rate has even reached more than 10%, such as winding film materials. However, the current polyethylene products in China can not meet the requirements of downstream processing industry, and most high value-added products need to be imported from abroad. If investors can take advantage of China's vast market and abundant human resources to reduce labor costs and build some polyethylene plants with high technical content, they will achieve better benefits

from the perspective of future market development trend, the gap between supply and demand of general film materials in the largest application field of low-density polyethylene will be greatly reduced; The special greenhouse film material is still the variety with the largest gap. This paper analyzes the indexes that should be paid special attention to when selecting the tensile machine for testing soft packaging materials. Most of the film materials produced in China are LDPE resins with MFR between 1-2, while the agricultural department requires that the MFR of LDPE raw materials for greenhouse film is 0.2-0.7, and the density is 0.919-0.922. Only Yanhua 2f0.4 can provide such products in China. This has resulted in the poor overall quality of domestic greenhouse film, which is not suitable for the production of greenhouse film because its weather resistance and aging resistance are not as good as imported products. Therefore, many greenhouse film materials rely on imports every year, and the market prospect is very good. Foreign invested enterprises should pay attention to the cost when producing this variety. Because the application field of greenhouse film is mainly agriculture, it should avoid the sales difficulties caused by high prices

for markets with small application fields such as coating materials and cable materials, attention should be paid to the quality risk of high-tech insurance, which mainly guarantees the risk of replacement or return of contract user enterprises caused by the quality defects of new materials. Only by working hard on some varieties that cannot be produced in China at present can we get better economic benefits

the oversupply of low and medium value-added products in the HDPE market, such as wire drawing materials, is more serious, and the supply and demand gap of products with relatively high value-added will continue to expand. In 2005, hollow materials and high-strength film materials were the two special materials with the largest supply and demand gap

at present, Chinese enterprises have the ability to produce hollow materials and high-strength film materials, but the quality still lags behind that of imported products. Therefore, foreign invested enterprises should pay attention to the cost problem when producing these two varieties, and strive to achieve large-scale production, so as to make their products more competitive

in terms of high value-added products, we can consider producing varieties with high technical content that cannot be produced domestically, such as gas pipe materials, communication cable materials, etc., but considering that the coherence coefficient between the experimental curve and the theoretical fitting curve reaches more than 99%, the capacity of this kind of products in China's market has not yet formed a scale, and the production scale should not be expanded too much in the initial stage

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