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Combination of block printing and other printing methods

combined printing includes different printing methods, which together with other processing processes achieve the purpose of adding value to printed matter. Compared with flexographic printing, plate printing can provide high ink coverage and higher color intensity with faster drying performance comparable to polyester sweat absorbing fast drying silk; Using plate printing, the printing factory can remove the white pigment on the transparent white sticky material; Using gravure printing, printing plants can use heavy metal or fluorescent ink, bright oil or thermal ink to achieve special effects. There are three requirements that packaging printing materials need to meet: higher printing quality; Better display appearance; As well as the requirements for the "unlabeled" appearance of products, reverse printing or the use of metal/fluorescent labels

at present, in combined printing, the combined application of block printing and other printing methods mainly includes the combination of block printing and flexographic printing, the combination of block printing and offset printing, and the combination of block printing and digital printing

1 . Combination of plate printing and flexographic printing

in the combination process of flexographic printing and printing, plate printing makes up for the prominent effect that flexographic printing is difficult to achieve by virtue of its unique advantages such as printing ink layer thickness and ink layer can be adjusted at will. At present, the rotary printing unit with high printing accuracy and the combination printing of flexographic printing machine have played an important role in the field of packaging anti-counterfeiting printing. The combination of rotary printing and flexo printing has the following characteristics

① improve the quality and creativity of printing products and enhance the attractiveness of products. If you need more expressive products, as long as you adopt the air permeability effect design, and then use thick colors or luminous inks, you can achieve the ideal effect; It is suitable for delicate packaging, decoration and printing. It can be used in the packaging of cigarettes, drugs, cosmetics and other commodities. Through technical treatment, it can show the effects of embossing, sanding and so on

② large area of field and anti white words can be printed. The anti-counterfeiting function of tickets and high-end trademarks can also be improved by using light change and temperature change printing inks

③ metal effects such as gold and silver can be obtained on the substrate. Such as book covers, exquisite greeting cards, etc

④ using this combined printing method to print suggestive signs for specific groups (such as the blind, etc.) can achieve an ideal effect

by combining embossing, printing and flexo printing, stamping, die cutting and other processes to form an assembly line for label printing production, multiple effects can be obtained on the same product, so that the grade of printed products can be quickly improved, and the main beam moves up or down. This combination printing method is simple and economical. Judging from the market demand at home and abroad, this combination printing method will have a good development prospect in the label printing industry

2. The combination of plate printing and offset printing

the characteristics of thick ink layer and full ink color also provide favorable conditions for offset printing to enter combination printing. The white ink surface after plate printing, like the surface of white printing materials, can be easily printed on its surface by offset printing, showing high-quality printing effect. The combination of offset printing and printing is the preferred process for many high-end packaging, especially high-quality cigarette packs, and can even meet the needs of printing high-end labels. In the combination process of printing and offset printing, large-area field color blocks can be printed by using the advantages of thick and uniform printing ink; Known as hardness, it uses the advantages of offset printing pressure level to print four-color and complex line parts, which can significantly improve the printing quality and effectively enhance the anti-counterfeiting effect

the combination of offset printing and printing can show artistic and creative effects such as frosting, ice flowers, crystal, wrinkles, refraction, etc. it is the preferred process for many high-end packaging, especially boutique cigarette boxes and some specific products (such as securities). In addition, the combination of offset printing and printing can even be applied to aluminum plate printing. The combination of offset printing and printing can create high profits for enterprises, so it is popular and develops rapidly

3 . The combination of printing and digital printing

digital printing has the advantages of saving resources, saving costs, short business cycle and high operation efficiency, and can also deepen the degree of intimacy with customers. It is the backbone to support the development of printing at home and abroad. Since its birth, digital printing has been famous for "the number of experiments usually carried out with a drop hammer test device is variable, the amount of information is variable, and one copy can be printed". With the increasing demand for printing on demand, variable data printing and personalized image reproduction, the application space of digital printing is expanding rapidly

plate printing has diversity and can be printed on almost all kinds of substrates. The depth and flexibility of color are unmatched by digital printing. The combination of digital printing and silk printing can just make up for this defect. At the same time, it can effectively solve the problems of centralized printing volume and urgent delivery time, and further expand the development space of digital printing and printing

source: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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