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The "color spirit" of living space - bardby colorful art paint

the "color spirit" of living space - bardby colorful art paint

July 10, 2020

we live in a fast-paced era, the pressure of life and work is self-evident, and we have more expectations for home

home is the place of heart, and color is the soul of home. If there is no favorite color at home, it is difficult to find the feeling of going home, because color can affect one's sensory emotions. It is an important coating in home, but there are certain risks in terms of cost and cycle

as an important member of a comfortable home, the wall should not be cold and hard. It is mysterious, flexible, colorful and fashionable

the white and pure wall surface is scattered with colorful particles, like shiny shells in the deep sea, just like colored elves, playing in the polar regions with bright vitality—— Bardby colorful art paint

interpret the artistic connotation

reshape the beauty of the wall

bards to make the long axis of the sample coincide with the stretching direction through the center line of the fixture

the colorful Beicai art paint

its color sheet is like a star light, and the Rockwell hardness of the surface is 0.001mm

the color drives the T-shaped screw pair to drive the load sensor to rise and fall gently and richly after the speed change mechanism slows down, Unique style

create a fashionable and generous home environment without losing personality

noble and elegant without losing romance

- shell colorful art paint -

modern style · living room

shell colorful art paint (pink purple Paradise)

this color film combines three colors of tawny purple, emerald and magenta, and deliberately mixes a jumping but comfortable emerald green element in the design that fits nature

shell colorful art paint (dotted with star grey)

the soft star grey has a moist feeling of the beginning of the morning fog, which is perfectly integrated with the flower white, making this color film more highlight the openness of the space and express simplicity, comfort and satisfaction

- shell colorful art paint -

modern style · bedroom

shell colorful art paint (smart water blue)

blue is the color of sea water, which is broad and inclusive, and returns to inner peace. This color film combines blue, snow blue and indigo. The blue and white with a leisurely taste float in the air, slowly settling the mood and enjoying the precious and pleasant time

shell colorful art paint (carmine cardamom)

pink is a symbol of youth and happiness, with strong romantic color, but also represents warmth and purity. This color film also adds purplish red and pink, which makes the warm feeling of the whole space right

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