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Polyfluorocarbon white technology won the 13th patent Excellence Award

according to the announcement of the State Intellectual Property Office on November 4, in the evaluation of the 13th patent award in China, the patent of "a method for producing cryolite and co producing white carbon black" declared by polyfluorocarbon company won the China patent Excellence Award, which is the only enterprise in Jiaozuo City in recent years to win this honor

it is understood that this award, jointly organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the State Intellectual Property Office, is a high affirmation of the independent innovation ability of the company, and also strengthens the company's adherence to the concept of developing circular economy

this award-winning patent has completed the development and research of fluorine resources as a by-product of phosphate fertilizer, realized the cascade and efficient utilization of low-grade fluorine-containing waste residue, saved fluorite, a national strategic resource, and solved the bottleneck restricting the development of phosphate fertilizer industry and fluorochemical industry. The project comprehensively utilizes phosphate fertilizer by-products every year. Now in the physical testing laboratory, it is often seen that the material tension range of 100N is enough to produce 23000 tons of fluorosilicic acid waste liquid, Save 30000 tons of scarce fluorite resources. At the same time, the quality of polymer cryolite and by-product white carbon black produced by this invention is better than the national standard, which not only helps electrolytic aluminum enterprises reduce pollutant emissions, reduce production costs, ensure that the electrolytic cell, especially the large oxide scale pre baking cell, is successfully roasted and started, prolong the service life of the electrolytic cell, but also usher in a new era of precipitation white carbon black production technology in China, and improve the added value of products, It has created a technological revolution in the fluoride salt industry, and successfully explored the way for China's fluoride salt production enterprises to reduce pollution and realize the cascade utilization of fluoride resources

up to now, DFT has applied for 134 national patents (including 106 invention patents) and 64 authorized patents (including 44 invention patents); More than 50 national standards, industrial standards and standard samples have been prepared and revised. At the same time, cryolite, aluminum fluoride and other national standard samples have been recommended as ISO standard samples, which has won a voice for China in the field of inorganic fluorine chemical industry, and is at the forefront of the development of the same industry. It has become the wind vane and leader of the domestic fluoride salt industry. When the pendulum or bolt cannot be removed, relevant parts can be removed and cleaned with kerosene before sailing

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