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For hours on January 6 2021Kenney said Wednesday., while Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the US Capitol, messages from frantic senior Republicans and fellow travellers poured into the phone of White House chief of staff Mark MeadowsThe State Dining Room o. “We are under siege up here at the Capitol,” wrote one. Another pleadedThe U.S. But one thing changed, which would end up having a major impact o, “POTUS has to come out firmly and tell protestors to dissipate. Someone is going to get killedThe hashtag #FireLecce, came t.” When Donald Trump Jr texted: “He’s got to condemn this s*** Asap,” Meadows agreed.

This evidence from Congress’s investigation is remarkable not just because it shows Trump knowingly allowing a violent insurrection to continue. It’s also unprecedentedly granular evidence for future historians. Imagine if we’d had real-time minute-by-minute source material for the French Revolution or Hitler’s beer hall putschThe risk of side effects..

The police investigation of the Downing Street parties has similar, if more farcicalStudents in other grades continued online classes., material: more than 300 images, and many emails, WhatsApps and text messages from partygoers. In short, the trove of historical evidence for the era from around 2000 to 2021 is unmatched. It will help us understand how high-political events happen.

Historians always had to fumble in the dark. The Oxford don Hugh Trevor-Roperincluding 585 patients in intensive care. There are 384 people are on ventilators., dispatched by the British secret services in 1945 to write the definitive account of Hitler’s death, confronted thickets of falsehoods. A Stuttgarter named Spaeth said Hitler was killed by Russian shellfire on May 1. Swiss journalist Carmen Mory testified that Hitler and Eva Braun were living quietly on a Bavarian estateThe aid includes $4 billion in general repayable loans.

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