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In order to implement the brand appeal as soon as possible, in recent years, Puxin intelligent has increased the strength of brand promotion and has participated in various activities. With its hard quality and first-class service, Puxin intelligent has won the recognition and praise of consumers step by step

in recent years, with the rise of the Internet of things, various smart lock brands have emerged in endlessly, and the market is full of gunsmoke. The Dragon competes with the tiger, and the fittest survive. But the development of Puxin intelligence is like a dark horse. From obscurity to emergence, and then to a firm position in the smart lock market, what is the secret of her success

precise positioning and hard work

the most important reason why Puxin intelligent can survive and develop in a complex market environment and gradually grow is accurate product positioning, because the launch of products is not necessarily suitable for all people, and accurate positioning of consumer goals is the most important link before products go to the market. Only when the consumer group is consistent with the product positioning can we ensure the smooth marketing of products

China's smart lock market is huge, with large domestic and foreign brands dominating the market and countless small brands eating their share. Therefore, Puxin intelligent has another way to target the post-80s and post-90s generation. Through product innovation, every time Puxin intelligent products appear on the market, it causes the phenomenon of looting, which also makes Puxin intelligent become one of the preferred brands for the post-80s and post-90s to buy smart locks

aiming at the smart lock Market in 2013 is the foundation for the rise of Puxin intelligence, but the success of product positioning is the foundation for the growth of Puxin intelligence. The main consumer group of Puxin intelligent is the new generation of post-80s and post-90s. Their generation pursues youth, autonomy, simplicity, publicity, fashion, efficiency, etc. and Puxin intelligent lock just meets the needs of this group of people, and consumers continue to grow

pay attention to quality and create high-quality products

for more than a decade, Puxin intelligence has always regarded quality as life, "product is character", which is not only the basic requirement of fulfilling social responsibility and business ethics, but also the reliable way to obtain social recognition, expand market share and find sustainable development. In order to improve the quality of each product and reduce the defect rate, Puxin intelligent continues to develop independently, and spends a lot of money on the introduction of CNC, precision machining and other automation equipment, so that each intelligent lock has a qualitative leap. Now Puxin intelligent whole lock testing can reach more than 100000 times, and the quality is increasingly guaranteed

Puxin intelligence strives for excellence and creates high-quality products by establishing a perfect quality monitoring system and managing quality, focusing on prevention, full participation, implementation, and improving the construction of quality culture

intensive cultivation and channels are king

"encircling the countryside from the city" is the core idea of Puxin intelligent operation market. Dealers in core prefecture level cities focus on breakthroughs and use the model market effect to promote other markets; At the same time, actively assist dealers to develop county-level and township markets, follow up wholesale and retail sales, and penetrate terminals through community promotion; Cooperate with the major factories and real estate developers to further seize market opportunities

offline distributors, door factories, real estate channels, online tmall, jd.com flagship stores, and Puxin intelligent cover the terminal market step by step. Relying on the intensive cultivation of the market, Puxin intelligent has done a solid job in the market

at the same time, in order to implement the brand appeal as soon as possible, Puxin intelligent has increased its brand promotion in recent years, and has participated in the "Guangzhou Construction Expo", "ten smart lock brand election", "Guangdong door association" and other activities. With its hard quality and first-class service, Puxin intelligent has won the recognition and praise of consumers step by step

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