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It is not easy for people who decorate for the first time to choose home decoration companies, designers and skilled construction teams that meet their own needs through communication. Therefore, we specially invite insiders to teach you how to complete the first step of home decoration by asking questions and choose a home decoration company

◆ you should first understand your own needs.

to choose others, you must first locate your own needs. Mr. Ni, a designer of a decoration company, said that first of all, you'd better clarify these contents: for example, from the perspective of design, do you need a simple design to complete the decoration project of the house, or do you have high requirements for the design and hope that there are many unique designs besides the completion of the project; In terms of budget, how much is the total price of your house decoration? For example, the 100 square meter house is equipped with 100000 yuan of main materials for decoration. Because the price of Light Industry auxiliary materials of the brand company is not different, in addition to the design cost, you also need to carefully consider the grade of main materials. If the grade of main materials is low, there is a lot of room to choose home decoration companies; If the grade is too high, the budget is insufficient

◆ choose the three main elements of the company

home decoration company means the guarantee of engineering and design quality for owners, as well as the guarantee of maintenance services. When choosing a home decoration company, you need to ask the following questions to check whether its management is in place

1. What is the average decoration quotation per square meter

the incidental question is: what kind of main materials can your company provide? The consumption of brand home decoration companies is also divided into economy, comfort and luxury. The question is to judge whether the grade of the home decoration company is consistent with the budget when there is a total budget price for its own decoration

if it's too much, there's no need to ask more. It's a waste of time for both sides. Get up and talk about your next home

2. How about the quality of the decoration project

according to Mr. Dai, the chief designer of a home decoration store, many owners like to ask where the workers are, so as to investigate the construction level of the company, but in fact, most of the workers in the home decoration market now come from Jiangsu, Anhui and other places. It's meaningless to ask this question. It's better to ask some practical management questions. Standardized management is the guarantee of qualified project quality, including the management of workers by the company, the management of construction sites by quality inspectors, and the acceptance system

designers said that the problem should focus on whether the company has a strict supervision mechanism for the project: how do you manage workers? How do you manage quality inspection? Which links of general engineering can be accepted? What are the acceptance criteria? How often does the quality inspector go to the construction site? If the designer can come up with written regulations or management systems such as documents at this time, it is more convincing than empty words

in addition, you can also ask the quality inspector whether to contact the owner when he goes to the construction site. Mr. Dai said that in many cases, the quality inspector only makes unilateral inspection without direct communication with the owner. Even if you can't ask the owner to go to the construction site together, if the quality inspector can communicate with the owner by telephone and feed back the construction situation and problems on the construction site, it shows that the management is in place and has a good degree of trust for the owner

how long is the warranty period of the project? Who is responsible for the warranty? How long is the warranty available after a problem occurs? From the answers to these questions, we can see whether the company's management of warranty issues is in place. When the commitment is true and effective, the company with a long warranty period has an advantage

3. How to make me worry free in the decoration process

decoration is a tedious thing, involving many personnel and affairs. At least designers, main material workers, construction teams (including carpenters, bricklayers, oilers, water electricians), quality inspectors and other personnel need to deal with. Affairs are more related to the acceptance of various main materials and the confirmation of construction. Therefore, worry free has become an urgent need of many owners. Some companies have also done a lot of work here, but many have written regulations, When choosing what to do and how to deal with it, the owner should let the designer say why. For example, Mr. Ni, who is responsible for the settlement, refund and compensation of main materials? Who is the first responsible person for problems in the decoration process? What system guarantees that I can save worry when decorating? Then judge whether the company has corresponding rules and regulations and services from the designer's answer




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