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Seemingly inconspicuous small hardware products are the behind the scenes heroes of excellent wardrobe and play a decisive role. The service life of the whole wardrobe depends on the quality of hardware accessories to a certain extent. Although it is in an inconspicuous position in the whole wardrobe, it must not be ignored

wardrobe hardware mainly includes eight aspects: pulley, clothes hanging rod, hinge, handle, drawer, drawer, drawer, pants rack and invisible clothes mirror


pulley and guide rail are the core technical parts of sliding door

suggestion: when shopping, consumers should check on site to see whether the push and pull is easy, smooth, flexible and silent

clothes hanger rod

clothes hangers with adhesive strips can play a silencing effect. Some regular manufacturers also add reinforcing strips inside, which not only strengthen the bearing of gravity, but also highlight the humanization of mature wardrobe brands


hinge, also known as hinge, is used to connect the cabinet door and cabinet body. In the usual use of concealed wardrobe, hinge is the most tested. Therefore, the hinge is one of the most important hardware of the wardrobe

suggestion: at present, many hinges seen in the market are removable. When selecting the wardrobe, you can ask the salesperson to remove the door together with the hinge buckle and check the interior of the buckle





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