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In the past, the way of door and window products is nothing more than manufacturers, agents and consumers. Maybe manufacturers directly treat consumers. In the era of rapid development of the Internet, this old form seems to be unworkable, and companies have to face innovation in the Internet wave

first, the door and window circulation system is facing innovation.

the door and window circulation system is now at a time when it is impossible to innovate. As for door and window dealers, they can develop in two directions: one is the parallel of chain retail physical stores and e-commerce, and the other is the transformation into professional commercial real estate developers; Door and window manufacturers can also develop in two directions: one is to vigorously carry out e-commerce, and the other is to establish their own brand Direct stores or franchise stores. In a word, e-commerce and self construction are the way out for the future of door and window profession

first, let's analyze e-commerce. The professional e-commerce of doors and windows has begun to start. Although there is still a long way to go, most people believe that this is the dawn before dawn, just like the sun will shine all over the earth

let's take a look at the traditional e-commerce, which has begun to cut the traditional door and window retail malls. With the rise of post-80s and post-90s consumers, online shopping has been increasingly used by us, so the wide implementation of e-commerce for doors and windows is the general trend

second, the trend of path change

then analyze the self built path. Nowadays, the door and window shopping malls in the first and second tier cities are basically occupied by hypermarkets. If door and window companies want to enter these shopping malls, they will either be "hijacked" by hypermarkets or form their own independent stores. Merck Meijia has attracted wide attention in the industry by forming its own independent stores in the first and second tier cities

as for the third and fourth tier cities, the national chain stores have not fully entered, and the appeal of local stores is lack, which provides a great opportunity for door and window companies to build their own ways

according to the usual differentiation method in the industry, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are called Tier-1 shopping malls, other provincial capital cities and sub provincial cities are called tier-2 shopping malls, most prefecture level cities and some economically prosperous county-level cities are called tier-3 shopping malls, and other county-level cities, towns and villages are called tier-4 shopping malls

nowadays, tier one and tier two shopping malls are basically full, while tier three and tier four shopping malls are considered to be areas to be expanded with great shopping potential. Therefore, in the next few years, the third and fourth level shopping malls will inevitably become the most competitive main battlefield for China's door and window companies. When the door and window companies enter the third and fourth level shopping malls, it is necessary to carefully analyze this shopping mall and fully understand its characteristics, so as to achieve a targeted goal. Next, the author analyzes the cost characteristics of level 3 and 4 shopping malls for us

when entering the third and fourth level shopping malls, door and window companies should not follow the old path of relying on hypermarkets when they were in the first and second level shopping malls, but should build their own way. There are many methods for reference, such as purchasing land for self construction, renting land for self construction, cooperating with local businesses to build, joining in security, and so on. As long as door and window companies firmly grasp the scarce capital of the way, they can pioneer a broader market space




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