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From hair loss to health preservation, to middle-aged greasy, either the stomach collapsed, or the legs and feet died. Before they got married, they had become "monks". Dare to ask heaven, who did the post-90s provoke

as the first batch of post-90s

in the past week, I must have experienced being "monk" By "bald"

by "stomach collapse" Be "divorced"

from hair loss to health preservation, and then to middle-aged greasy

either the stomach has collapsed, or the legs and feet have died

this has not been married, it has been "monk"

dare to ask heaven, who is the post-90s annoying

don't be angry, just get by

after all, we Buddhist middle-aged girls

keep makeup simple, follow the stars

don't make love without tearing

shopping and taxi are five-star high praise

double 12 the latest order is

thermos cup, medlar, hair belt

even the daily party is to go to health punk

but there is no waves in Dandan's heart

don't you know that health home is the best place to keep healthy

next, Dandan takes you to feel

health ・ in the house


health home key article 1

cold prevention and warmth preservation first essence

preferred bedroom comfortable big bed

especially in this cold season, How can northerners understand the chill in the bones of southerners? Autumn pants don't work at all. The only warm and protective artifact is the bed

lay elegant bedclothes and sheets, and then carefully select a few comfortable pillows. The oncoming warmth kills all the coldness.

many people worry that no matter how spacious the bed is, it can't fit the bedding that needs to be changed from time to time

as everyone knows, the top wardrobe opposite the bed has already stored all clothes properly


tips for keeping healthy at home Article 2

good food keeping healthy

people are iron and rice is steel

it is said that mutton, beef, chicken, shrimp, pigeon, quail, sea cucumber and other foods are rich in protein and fat, produce more calories, and have the best effect of keeping out the cold

however, you must first have a decent or high-quality health restaurant environment ~ ~

the restaurant is nothing more than a dining table, a few chairs, and at most, it is equipped with sideboards and wine cabinets ~

but if you give different colors, the restaurant will immediately become lively and fragrant

remember to put some plants on the table, which not only plays a decorative role, but also creates a warm atmosphere


tips for health and home keeping Article 3

seclusion reading

drink tea, come to my study

put down your computer, work, mobile phone and desire. The door is closed, the book is opened, and you begin to read quietly, cultivate your mind, and pursue a poetic life

if everything is messy, you might as well sit quietly

maybe everything will suddenly brighten up if you close your eyes, hold your cheeks in a daze, or look at another life outside the window

whether you drink red jujube tea, honey tea, medlar tea, or ginseng tea, a study tatami can be satisfied


key to health and home keeping Article 4

the mystery is also mysterious, and the door of all wonders

the porch is pleasing to the eye, and people will be spiritual

the most indispensable part of home is the porch, which is the initial feeling of you and guests entering this home from the complex outside world

it should not only have sufficient functionality, but also ensure outstanding appearance

the unified color will make the porch stretch, and the integrated design will make the porch have a high sense. With the appropriate floor selection, the space will have no sense of conflict

the integrated design of storage cabinet, shoe cabinet and display cabinet can not only be used as a small bookcase, but also place flowers and plants for nourishment

travel all over the world

before you know that the warmest place is home

whether it's the first batch of post-90s

or the post-80s

porch, dining room

bedroom, tatami

every space is your best place to keep fit





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