The global smart speaker market will grow by 21 ne

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On October 23, according to foreign media reports, the Market Research Institute canalys latest predicted that in 2021, the global smart speaker market will grow by 21% and the shipment will reach 163million, which is mainly driven by the growth of Chinese Mainland

picture from canalys picture from canalys

due to the growth of demand, product improvement and availability, the annual coal output of 20 Ping mine is 2.3 million tons. 21 years will be a stronger year for the development of the smart speaker market

canalys predicts that in 2020, the smart speaker Market in Chinese Mainland will grow by 16%, while the rest of the market is expected to grow by only 3%. Excluding Chinese Mainland, the global shipment volume is expected to reach 90million

the agency said that although the speed of purchasing non necessities has slowed down, the long-term shutdown in many regions should lead more consumers to consider adding new equipment at home or replacing older and outdated equipment after several months of investment and sales

in the past few months, Amazon, Google and apple have launched new smart speaker products or updated their products

in early October, Google launched a new smart speaker called nest audio, which replaced the original Google home released in 2016

in mid October, apple finally launched the long-awaited and much cheaper homepod mini, which costs only $99. It is estimated that this speaker will pose a challenge to the existing smart speakers

canalys pointed out that apple is the only one of the three major U.S. companies to sell its own smart speakers in Chinese Mainland. The new price may help the company occupy the Chinese market. BASF will also launch the following innovative automobile utilization: greater share. (Little Fox)

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