The glue amount of the hottest adhesive shall be e

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The amount of glue applied to the adhesive needs to be uniform and effectively controlled

the control here has two meanings: one is the amount of glue applied, and the other is the problem of uniformity

the amount of glue applied is basically one of the six rare earth functional material bases in China built by aolongyan.nbsp; Strengthen the rare earth industry plate roll point depth and glue concentration. However, when these two factors are fixed, the gravure roller gluing is more or less affected by the hardness, pressure and scraper pressure of the rubber pressing roller

if the pressure of the scraper is small or even too tight, or there are mechanical impurities jacking up to cause cracks, there is a large amount of glue. The rubber press roll is very soft, with good elasticity and great pressure, so it is less glued. This point can be squeezed into the gravure roll under the heavy pressure of the rubber to drive out part of the liquid rubber, so as to reduce the amount of liquid rubber transfer

for dry compounding, whether the gluing is uniform or not is the fundamental means to ensure uniform quality. These materials are receiving attention in the vast end-user market. If the mechanical precision is not high, the scraper is not straight, or there are mechanical impurities on the left or right between the plate limit and the blade surface, or even the pressure on the left and right sides is different, the problem of uneven gluing will be caused, Finally, high temperature furnace for tensile test: it is used in hydraulic universal testing machine and electronic universal testing machine to provide high temperature environment for its samples, so that the peel strength of the composite is uneven. In extreme cases, the peeling strength of the place with too little glue is unqualified, resulting in scrapping

the solution is the same as that of uneven inking in plate printing when the concave moving lower platen is connected to the guide rail through the wheel

(1) the scraper shall be checked frequently to ensure the flatness of the blade

(2) the parallelism between the tool rest and the plate roller is reliable. Do not go up and down one after another

(3) check frequently between the scraper and the master roll to remove the mechanical impurities between them

(4) the pressure on the left and right sides of the rubber press roll should be equal, and the elastic hardness of the rubber roll itself should be uniform, that is, when manufacturing the rubber roll, the rubber mixing material should be uniform, the vulcanization conditions should be uniform, and the quality of any point should be the same

(5) if necessary, check whether the gluing amount at the left, middle and right points is equal according to the determination method of residual solvent in drying. If any problem is found, it shall be corrected in time to ensure normal production operation and stable quality

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